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Teamscape Creates New ‘Amazing Race’ Style Team Building Challenge

Press Release: October 05, 2019

Teamscape Australia focuses on creating high-tech, engaging and innovative team building programs and experiences. Their latest team experience - the ‘High-Tech Amazing Race’ - combines technology with team work to create an experience like no other.

Adelaide, South Australia, October 4, 2019 -- Teamscape Australia has now launched its new ‘Amazing Race’ style scavenger hunt that combines digital and physical elements to provide a completely unique and innovative team-building experience. With customizable themes and locations, the experts at Teamscape will design the challenge with several hotspot locations leading to ‘road block’ activity stations where team members complete activities to get clues to their final end location. Team members will be able to activate hotspots with GPS and get access to clues and tasks, along with pictures and video challenges.

A spokesperson for Teamscape made an official statement for the press “Here at Teamscape Australia, we are a highly client-oriented company. Having designed a bevy of effective team building programs and challenges, we understand the importance of team building and go the extra mile to create programs that fulfill the needs of our clients. Every team has its unique requirements, limitations, and areas of focus. We work with our clients to create highly calibrated programs that provide guaranteed results.”

The new ‘Amazing Race’ scavenger hunt has been designed as a highly interactive game that helps team members work in synergy and build trust while they take several modes of transportation and solve problems. Teamscape is a hybrid tech and team building company that focuses on leveraging the most unique tech solutions to make their programs more effective. Interested parties can also get a free demo on the Teamscape website to get a complete look at how the challenge will pan out and how it will test the participant’s cooperative decision making.

The company spokesperson further added “This is no ordinary team building event; this is next level high tech, personalized experience. We have taken the boring out of scavenger hunts and incorporated digital aspects into the challenge, giving it a new edge and a modern makeover. Players will use our app to access GPS hotspots that will be given them essential clues and tasks to finish their race. Furthermore, we offer a highly customizable experience so we can take the location of our client’s choice and create a one of a kind experience surrounding that area only.”

Teamscape caters to a diverse portfolio of clients which ranges from high profile corporations and to renowned educational institutes. Their programs and challenges have proven effective on many levels because of the attention to detail that goes into creating each one of them. The company’s team of experts has a collective experience of over 20+ years in the industry, helping business leaders and corporate teams maximize their potential and productivity.

More details can be seen on the official company website https://amazingrace.teamscape.com.au/app-sales-page

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