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Taste On TV Grows Stronger With Launch Of 4 New Primetime Shows

Press Release: March 15, 2021

Los Angeles, CA - Taste On TV, a 24/7 culinary and lifestyle streaming television network is releasing four new show titles beginning April 5th. This brings the total of new shows that have launched on the network to over 30 in seven months.
On Labor Day weekend 2020, Taste On TV officially began streaming exclusive content to Roku, Facebook and on native mobile applications for IOS and Android. Since then, the network has experienced healthy audience growth and benefitted from signing on a plethora of creators to produce a steady stream of new and exclusive content. A few celebrity sightings have also been peppered in to make things even more exciting. 
This spring, network executives are upping-the-ante by introducing four new shows into the primetime lineup. The new titles and personalities will serve as the anchors for the network this year. “The four shows that we’ve selected will offer exciting programming for our audience. The audience will absolutely love them! Each show has its own space. The personalities are all unique. My team and I  feel that this lineup is strong and will help support audience growth”. Says Taste On TV founder, Terance Quilens. He goes on to say, “together with our great early program offerings, Taste On TV is shaping into a place to discover and rediscover your passion for all things food”. It is truly an exciting time for the network and everyone involved”. 
New shows launching this April are as follows:
●      Yes! That’s Vegan! - Going vegan does not have to be complex and unenjoyable. Chanel Minnifiled opens up her cabinets and recipe books to show you how to make some of your favorite foods into full vegan meals. Premiers April 5th at 8:00pm EST
●      Deelishisness Travels - This season travel to Africa and treat yourself to some international deliciousness. Join Chef Dee as she travels and learns about food and culture from around the globe. Premiers on Tuesday, April 6th at 8:30pm EST. 
●      Mouth Full Of Sin - Live, eat and feel no guilt with Anthony D. Bell as he serves up mouthwatering guilty pleasure meals that will leave you craving more. Premiers on  Wednesday, April 7th at 8:30pm EST. 
●      Aphrodisiacs - Don’t be shy. Learn to turn up the heat in the kitchen and the bedroom. Join Nik the Chic Chef and discover foods and cooking techniques that can spice up your love life. Premiers on Thursday, April 8th at 9:00pm EST.
To find out more about Taste On TV and view the programming schedule, please visit www.tasteontv.com

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