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Tarpaflex UK Visit Vietnam Team!

Press Release: April 20, 2010

Tarpaflex UK is one of Britains largest distributors of quality PVC and heavy duty tarpaulins, with over one hundred and ten different variations of size, colour and material. One of the companys bestselling products is the element resistant polyethylene tarpaulins, which is sourced from a high quality supplier in North Vietnam.

This may will see the management team of Tarpaflex UK embark on an exciting and educational visit to the main supplier in Vietnam. Managing director- Robert Page, Marketing Director- Simon Page and Internet Manager Cristian Page plan to visit the Hanoi production facility, which produces the top quality tarpaulins from start to finish.

This trip will prove a fantastic opportunity for Tarpaflex UK to strengthen the relationship the company have with a major supplier of polyethylene tarpaulins; as well as bringing the management team up to date with all the new production facilities available in the Hanoi factory.

The two companies have kept a close business relationship for over ten years, which is half of Tarpaflexs existence. Tarpaflex UK have over twenty years experience in the business and Robert Page MD adds how important such strong ties are in the industry Having a close relationship with the main supplier of Tarpaflex UK products is vital for the business, such relationships allow companies to stay abreast of product quality and any technology and facility developments used to manufacture the tarpaulin products supplied.

In addition to the Vietnam excursion, the Tarpaflex UK team will also be visiting a number of other tarpaulin manufacturers across the globe who contributes to the supply of Tarpaflex UK products.

To browse the selection of heavy duty tarpaulins, economical tarpaulins and PVC tarpaulins; visit the website on www.tarpaflex.co.uk

About Tarpaflex: Tarpaflex is a family run business, based in Devon with over twenty years experience within the business. Over the years they have become one of the most highly respected and established tarpaulin suppliers in both the UK and North America.

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