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Taking Education to A New Level ( smartschool k-12)

Press Release: November 04, 2020

Edutrak is here to announce that a new solution is now a part of our software company and that is smart school k-12 solution.

We understand the importance of digitalisation in education and that’s why we are here to have another advanced feature of smartschool k-12 for the digitalisation of your classrooms.

smart school education in now one of the leading e-learning faculty that every single school officials want in their institutes. And now a days the smartschools are operating worldwide.

Cafeteria management software is yet another feature of smartschool k12 which include free and reduced school lunch programs. It allows families to manage their student’s dinning accounts, as individuals can be grouped into a single shared account by family household.

Another features are its powerschool tuiton plugins that will reduce the effort of parents to an extent. It will allow parents to have a one stop shop experience. Now, they don’t have to indulge in various time consuming process for the enrollment of their kids in various divisions such as lunch, sports, transportation and many more. Also, they can check the transaction history and can make a payement  with just one username and password.

With this the parents will have a seamless, intuitive and a user-friendly experience. We work contionously just for the convenience of parents and schools. We have easy to use applications that parents can use effortlessly and are essential to a school districts

As we know, childrens are fascinated by technology in today’s world. The grew up in a world that is completely dominated or influenced by the technology and they are likely to have cell phones or other mobile deviced in their pockets. The wise teacher and sagacious student can defenitely make the best use of technology to enhance their teaching and learning experience respectively.

Another advanced features of edutrak are it provides you school, smooth integration, easy administration, easy to access and no need to buy expensive stuffs for your enrollment with us, as our software will operate on the system that you arleady have. So, you can save money as well as time that are quite precious.

Now its time to say goodbye to all the headaches of stiched together systems of traditinal schools. Its time to digitalise learning by collaborating with our smart school k-12 solution. You may feel trapped by a mixture as well as the confusion of service providers and payment systems that actually don’t work well.

Moreover, with our lunch cashier system software your life would be more easier and unchallenging. The SIS integrations such as our powerschool plugins takes the burden of parents. Now, they don’t need to remember multiple passwords, for many different sites, our powerschool tuiton plugin will do all of this for them. Ultimately, there would be lesser efforts for your schools officials to handle such kind of mismatch and frustration of parents.

Our sports management software will reduce your headaches associated with managing sports such as gathering student emergency card data,  alliance of questionaries, collecting forms, and registration forms. If you want to reduce your extra work that create  headache and a lot of time so, this sports managemet software is for you. It will automate all of the administrative tasks for your sports team, it will run like a machine and you can focus on other important things like your players and the game only.    

Our smartschool k-12 solution is just a multi device elearning solution and it is specially designed for schools with multiple locations and franchisees.

 There are several facilities that are provided by our lunch software, you can add put on funds toyour student’s lunch account, yopu can review the transaction and its history.

There are a myrads of benefits of using our solution. It is easier for parents as it simplifies everything so that parents can keep up to date.

Edutrak is just an internet based gradebook and school managemert system that is helpful for teachers, schools and districts as well. It will help in maintaining and records of each and every student very swiftly. It will enable you to conduct examination in planned and effective manner.

It will streamline and smoothen your administrative tasks, as it will eliminate the staff work to an extend, errors will also be eliminated that generaly occurs in traditional management of schools by the staff , also it will overcome other major problems like slow downs and security risks.

In order to achieve better performance we don’t need to opt for an expensive or complicated software or need to purchase special equipments particularly as it will cause a lot of rush and headache for you.

We work with the equipments you already have and we will use the cloud and a powerful, secure data bridge that works with almost every student information system (SIS) in the market.

We have discovered that many districts struggled to make all the components work together. Staff members need to work too hard and to spend a lot of time to help the confused and frustatrated parents.

We understand that there are several time taken activities that are associated with the school officials in managing such kind of institute that involves managing school lunch and activities accounts, enrolling kids, paying and collecting fees and much more.

 With smartschoolk12 collaboration you can experience a one stop shop experience as you don’t need to enter the credit card information into a different system for every transaction specially when you have to make more than one transaction in case you have more than one child. Instead, you can enter one password, evaluate the lunch account balances, access a full lobby of choices and alternatives to sign up for activities and more.

Our motive is to deliver education through innovation and research  to make it more easier and more interesting  for our coming generation.  So, take your school education quality to a next level with smart schoolk12 solution.


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