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Press Release: March 09, 2021

Bring your school lunch program into the 21st century by switching to an online solution. Having high-quality school lunch software is now essential for school lunch administrators to consolidate all items of their school lunch program into one place. Paper forms and cash payments should be a thing of the past. Managing your school lunch online can modernize your program, making it easier for both foodservice providers and parents.  

The Benefits of Going Contactless  

Being as contactless as possible when providing food is essential. Instead of passing paper forms and cash from parent, to child, to foodservice professional, to the manager, all ordering and managing will be conducted online. Parents will order their child’s school lunch online or through an app. They will make payments on the online system and view menus that contain nutrition and allergen information. Once the students arrive at school, they will be able to simply state their name or ID number to receive their lunch. When students order their school lunch online, they can spend less time waiting in line to receive their lunch. By eliminating the time spent handing over a form and paying, the students will spend less time waiting for their lunch and therefore can help reduce the spread of germs. Additionally, the online system can accommodate a classroom-based distribution model, further helping schools enforce CDC recommended safety protocols. This helps to eliminate the contact between families and the foodservice providers that is usually required for a lunch transaction to be made.  For school lunch administrators this also eliminates the contacts that they would usually have with other staff members. Eliminating the need for paper order forms and paper reports allows for a simpler approach to school lunch management. They can use the system to access orders & payments and compile reports. School lunch managers can use the system to communicate with their customers via emails. The system includes templates that make it easy for managers and families to communicate efficiently.  These easy-to-use tools help make the school lunch program more efficient and safer for everyone involved.  

Setting Up School Lunch Online 

Setting up your school lunch system online can be made simple. The setup time only takes minutes. A team of support staff can help you throughout the process of setting up and using the online system. Many school lunch administrators are responsible for the school lunch program for multiple schools. These managers can use a school lunch online system to streamline all the schools into one site. They can both make customizations to each school as necessary while also having the ability to apply changes to all schools at once.  Administrators can brand their site with logos, fonts, and colors for each of the schools that they manage. The system also makes it easy to contact customers quickly with email templates, saving you time while managing multiple customers. 

Implementing a POS system allows for managers to track what has been throughout the day so that they can plan accordingly for future orders. The dashboards can be managed centrally so that all the orders and payments are in the same place. One of the most effective features for foodservice providers is the ability to download reports online that are free of human error. Paper orders can often get misplaced but with a school lunch online system, the hassle of paper is eliminated. Reports can be accessed via email, PDF, or CSV and are made to integrate the reports into your accounting system.  

Effective for Parents  

Ordering school lunch online makes it easier for parents to manage their child’s school lunch. Parents can access online menus filled with nutrition and allergen information. They can make an informed decision on the type of nutrition that their child will be getting while they are at school. They can pay and pre-pay for school lunch online. Parents will no longer worry about cash or paper forms getting lost while their child is on their way to school. With the introduction of an app, parents can order their student’s school lunch on the go, from home, or anywhere. For families that qualify for reduced lunches, the system will adjust to accommodate the needs of every family. The same system that is used for daily lunches can be used for afterschool care, fundraisers, and more, making it easier for parents to ensure their child gets a meal each time it is offered at school. The switch to a school lunch online system is beneficial to both parents, administrators, and students.  

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