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Take a stand for the skin & strand test, with Naturtint

Press Release: March 30, 2010

The skin test is the most important stage in colouring hair to spot any adverse reactions to a colourant but we can reveal exclusive new research from Naturtint, the chemically-light home hair colourant, found that almost 80 per cent of salons surveyed were prepared to dye without performing this vital test.

A skin test must be performed 48 hours before any colour procedure, whether at home or in-salon, in order for any sensitivities to safely exhibit themselves, yet our researcher was able to book an appointment on the very SAME DAY in 28 per cent of salons recommended by The Good Salon Guide.

And our research shows that a frightening number of salons are clueless as to how to perform the test as eight salons said that our tester would be safe after a 24-hour patch test, which does not allow sufficient time for potential side effects to arise.

Just 20 per cent of salons researched adhered to the correct testing practise, with salons like Charles Worthington and Essensuals receiving full marks for responsible colouring. However, other top name salons were happy to carry out colour procedures on virgin, undyed hair without carrying out the skin test.

Naturtint are campaigning for all salons to perform the skin test and reminding consumers of the importance of testing with home kits too. They have emphasised that it is necessary to perform the test before every colour procedure, as sensitivity to a previously used formulation can arise at any point. Hormonal disturbances, lifestyle changes or even tattoos can all act as catalysts for a new reaction.

Celebrity colourist Marc Ramos, who has used Naturtint on his clients, says:

Inflamed and painful scalps are definitely not the look people are going for when they dye their hair, but unfortunately some hair dyes can cause severe skin irritations. Always, always be responsible by doing a skin sensitivity and hair strand test if at home, and demand one from your salon hairdresser. A safer way to help avoid a hair colouring disaster is to stick to a chemically-light hair dye, like Naturtint, which is is totally free from parabens, as well as ammonia and resorcinol two other chemicals that can cause problems. Even with something as chemically light as Naturtint, the 48 hour skin test must be performed each and every time you reach for the bottle.

View step-by-step videos with Marc Ramos on how to conduct skin and strand tests and applying colour at home at www.naturesdream.co.uk or call the UK Colour Helpline 0845 601 8129


Notes to editors

Of the 115 salons surveyed recommended by The Good Salon Guide, just 20.87 per cent refused to book a next day appointment for a full head permanent tint for our researcher, despite her clearly stating that she had never had her hair coloured. All salons were surveyed over the phone between 3-9th March 2010.

Naturtint is the first 100% permanent hair colourant without ammonia that is formulated with active vegetable ingredients and selected certified organic ingredients. Also free from resorcinol and parabens, Naturtint is enriched with a blend of oat, soy, corn, coconut and wheat extracts. It is a hair dye that is gentle and nutritious for your hair and scalp, but also delivers fabulous 100% grey cover. Available in 29 natural shades - from winter blacks and champagne blondes to lively coppers, mahoganies and reds.

Naturtint Reflex is a semi-permanent colourant also free from PPD and peroxide offering an alternative for pregnant women and those sensitive to PPD. Reflex also contains Meadowfoam (Limnanthes alba) extracts to give hair an enviable shine, along with Vitamin B5 and sun filters to protect and revitalise the hair.

Naturtint £8.99 / Naturtint Reflex £10.99
www.naturesdream.co.uk - 0845 601 8129

Caution: ALWAYS conduct a skin sensitivity test and a strand test 48 hours prior to hair colourant use. This will ensure that you do not have an unexpected allergic reaction to the product and that you achieve the colour you desire.

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