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System Mechanic and HotSpot Shield VPN - Ultra-fast, Anonymous Online Browsing Is Here

Press Release: March 22, 2021

System Mechanic and Hotspot Shield offer you ultra-fast, anonymous online browsing with enhanced identity theft protection and ultimate internet speed.


System Mechanic boosts your Internet speed and helps to keep your PC stable and error-free. It also allows you to easily clean your private data, browsing history, cookies and more. The new version comes with features that detect which processes and devices are using the most memory and bandwidth.

New Network Scanner
Find active and potentially vulnerable devices to avoid congestion and protect yourself from malicious threats.

New Process Scanner
Scan your PC for processes that are draining the most system resources, likely leading to slowdowns.

Visit https://www.iolo.com/downloads/download-system-mechanic/ to get your free trial version today!


With over 600 million users, Hotspot Shield is the most popular VPN product in the world. Working on any device, it allows you to change your virtual location on a phone or PC. Hotspot Shield encrypts and secures your internet connection making your internet browsing and searches on Google private. Fast and easy set up, it is a perfect VPN for streaming, shopping and social.

Save You Money
Did you know many e-commerce websites offer different prices to shoppers in different countries? Use HotSpot Shield to mask your location and quickly access bargain prices from all over the world. You're going to love the possible savings, especially when booking flights and hotels for your next vacation.

Speed Up Your Internet
Did you know many internet providers have been limiting customer bandwidth during peak hours or giving other users priority when they think you're enjoying less important activities like streaming and gaming? With HotSpot Shield, you can effortlessly conceal your activities and keep your internet provider from possibly slowing you down.

Shield Your Digital Life
Did you know that your personal data in private messages, passwords, and financial info is at greater risk of interception by government entities, internet providers, and cybercriminals if it's not encrypted? HotSpot Shield uses military-grade technology to thoroughly encrypt your data and help shield what you do online.

Speed up your PC, unleash your bandwidth, protect your privacy -  try System Mechanic and Hotspot Shield completely risk free!

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