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Synel UK agrees on large Europe roll out project for major UK retailer on the week of Queen signing Brexit bill

Press Release: March 18, 2017

Today Synel UK announced that it has been selected as the main Workforce Solutions provider for a major UK Fashion Retailer across its stores in France. The leading fashion brand has selected Synel UK systems to create improved visibility and monitoring of hours worked by retail staff as well as to allow increased planning capabilities and increased efficiency to the business.

The retailer, which name cannot be disclosed yet, reviewed a shortlist of T&A solution providers, and selected Synel UK solution based on its user friendliness, flexibility and the deep domain expertise of the Synel team.

Synel UK is well experienced with European customers and holds significant market share of the Time and Attendance and Access Control sectors in France and other EU countries.

This new agreement in the light of Brexit bill just signed by the queen, confirms yet again Synel UK’s commitment to the ongoing trade with the EU and its long-time operation in Europe.
Yuval Gonen, Synel UK General Manager said “We are extremely proud to add a big and successful brand to our customers’ community. I am sure this agreement is the first step to full roll out across all stores in Europe.”

Synel UK develops, produces, supplies and installs systems for data collection, time & attendance, scheduling, electronic registration and access control applications. Synel UK has over 25 years of experience as a total solutions provider, offering a full range of hardware and software. More than 2000 companies and organisations in the UK and Europe are using our systems, including Rugby Football Union, WSH Group, Louvre Museum, Antargaz, Royal Academy of Music, Etam Group, ACCA, City of London School, Sainsbury’s and Arcadia Group just to name a few. A world leader of employee’s time & attendance data collection and part of the international Synel MLL group, Synel supplies complete hardware and software solutions for easy management and control of any organisations time resources. R&D is at the heart of Synel’s operations, transforming advance technologies into holistic solutions that make a difference. Synel…Time to be efficient!

For more information and all the latest from Synel Uk please visit our website: http://www.synel.co.uk/ or send us an Email: sales@syneluk.com

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