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Synel Group announces shift of EMEA operations to the UK

Press Release: January 16, 2018

Synel MLL PayWay announced the shift of management of all EMEA activity of the group to its UK subsidiary – Synel UK. Synel UK will now manage the sales, operations and technical support on behalf of the Synel group at all European, African and Middle-eastern countries. As part of the group restructuring and growth plan, Synel has transferred an existing portfolio of 35 international resellers and agents to Synel UK operation, 75% of which in Europe.
Sustaining the existing portfolio’s turnover, even without the ambitious growth plans is estimated to increase Synel UK’s turnover by more than 20%. Synel UK managed for the last 2 years the sales and operation to the French speaking market in Europe and Africa and has long existing presence and cooperation in other countries such as South Africa, Ireland, Netherlands and Bahrain to name a few.
This change is another step in Synel’s strategic international growth plan and investment in it’s UK base, following the full shares acquisition of Synel UK 18 months ago. Since the restructuring and shares acquisition, Synel UK has increased turnover in 30% and sealed major deals in the UK and EUROPE.
The Director of Synel UK & V.P Business Development of Synel Group, Mr. Erez Buganim talked about the shift of EMEA activity to Synel UK especially now considering BREXIT. “We trust the UK economy and its place in the world trade. London will stay major business hub and a gate to Europe and other countries. Growing our EMEA activity through Synel UK is one of the main strategic targets for the next 3 years and the decision to manage it from the UK was taken due to the proven record of Synel UK’s team in recent years and our confidence in the UK as gateway to the EMEA. Our EMEA international resellers will have a better and easier technical support thanks to this change as well as better business accessibility to the Synel Group.”
“Synel UK has grown rapidly the last couple of years and the management of all EMEA activity by Synel UK is going to enhance that growth. We have vast experience with international operations and existing multinational / multilingual team and surely can develop this market further” said Yuval Gonen, C.E.O of Synel UK. “We thank SYNEL MLL PayWay board for their confidence and support and we believe this is another step in our strategic growth plan, combining technological innovation, entrepreneurship and rapid development.”
Synel UK develops, produces, supplies and installs systems for data collection, time & attendance, scheduling, electronic registration and access control applications. Synel UK has over 25 years of experience as a total solutions provider, offering a full range of hardware and software. More than 2000 companies and organisations in the UK and Europe are using our systems, including New Look, Rugby Football Union, WSH Group, Louvre Museum, Antargaz, Royal Academy of Music, Etam Group, ACCA, Sainsbury’s and Arcadia Group to name a few. A world leader of employee’s time & attendance data collection and part of the international Synel MLL PayWay group, Synel supplies complete hardware and software solutions for easy management and control of any organisations time resources. R&D is at the heart of Synel’s operations, transforming advance technologies into holistic solutions that make a difference. Synel…Time to be efficient!

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