Press Release: October 16, 2018

Fresh from the acquisition of Porter Foods, leading British-owned bulk ingredients supplier Brusco has launched a new range of whole chestnuts for both trade and retail routes to market.

The new range is perfectly aligned with Christmas trends, ideal for snacks, salads, risottos and stuffing, among many other applications. Aside from taste and texture, these vacuum-packed products offer a number of health benefits including low cholesterol and fat, high fibre and, of course, despite the name, chestnuts are not actually nuts. They are also gluten-free – perfect for those looking to avoid gluten-laden products for health or lifestyle reasons.

These perfectly formed naturally-sweet chestnuts are of Spanish origin (Castanea sativa) and grown wild. They should not be confused with Chinese chestnuts (Castanea mollissima) which are a different species and produced in Asia. The Iberian chestnut is a popular favourite in Europe and comes into season from October each year.

Brusco’s chestnuts (still marketed under the Porter Foods brand) are freshly harvested at peak season to capture the excellent moisture and flavour of the product and retain their high quality through blanching and vacuum packing - all conducted close to source in Spain at a BRC accredited factory. Thanks to a swift packaging process these tasty chestnuts need no longer be classed as a seasonal ingredient but a year-round product which lends itself equally well to inclusion in warm salads or stews as to luxury stuffings.

Fitting perfectly with the growing trend for allergen free products, the chestnuts provide an allergen-free alternative functional ingredient for both food processors and consumers alike. Unlike many nuts, chestnuts have a high starch and water content but low protein and fat levels. They can be turned into chestnut puree - creating a smooth, silky mouthfeel which makes them ideal as a dairy replacement adding sweetness, creaminess and smoothness to finished products such as dairy-free ice cream and desserts. Being vegan and coeliac friendly as well makes them a versatile choice in many recipes designed to cater for those with allergen sensitivities or specialised diets.

As Christmas looms on the horizon, the company will also be supplying Marrons Glacés (candied chestnuts) to well-known high-end retailers as the perfect sugary treat for friends and family. They make a fantastic luxury hamper addition and provide an interesting alternative to chocolates. A customer described them as “wonderfully sugary chestnuts that almost melt in your mouth.”

Porter Foods’ general manager, Michael Patton commented: “We are excited to be able to supply high street retailers, wholesalers and food processors with top quality vacuum-packed chestnuts. Not only do our products expand the possibilities for allergen-free food ranges but they stand alone as a tasty snack too. We expect more and more food companies to take advantage of our chestnuts to push boundaries with their new product development ideas. Who knows what creative delights we may see in 2019?”

Porter Foods has specialised for many years in supplying its Iberian chestnuts in whole roasted, kibbled, pureed, sweetened and marrons glacés form to popular high street retailers, wholesalers and food manufacturers and plans to introduce them on Amazon this season.

Brusco, which is continually developing bespoke solutions to meet industry’s ingredient needs, is delighted to add the expertise and new ingredients of Porter Foods to its offering. For more information on the company’s widening range of ingredients, visit: www.gbruce.co.uk or www.porterfoods.co.uk. To arrange for free sampling contact the customer service team on 01386 761555 or info@gbruce.co.uk.

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