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Sweet shop broadens on-line range

Press Release: December 22, 2016

Daffy-down-dilly are now offering a full range of literally hundreds of types of sweets to satisfy the demands of anyone with a sweet tooth? For those who love and want to buy, for example, old fashioned sweets or American jelly and gummy sweets, then Daffy-down-dilly is now definitely the place to go to buy candy online UK.

Based in Sidmouth, Daffy-down-dilly is a retail High Street sweet shop that also offers their extensive range of low-priced quality sweets online, providing national delivery.
The company have a rainbow of jelly and gummy sweets in their online sweet shop UK. Baby dolphins, fried eggs and foam mushrooms, these are just some of the sweets that you will find on their website. They even stock fruit cable bites and the ever popular jelly beans.

For those who need sugar-free sweets as an alternative to normal sweets, Daffy-down-dilly offers sugar-free sweets that taste just as great as their sugary cousins. They have a wide range of sweets, treats and gifts available including chocolate éclairs, fruit drops, cough candy and teddy bears.
Regular Daffy-down-dilly customer Mrs June Peirson, from Honiton in Devon, said “They really have now expanded their superb range of sweets, treats and gifts to include any that my family or friends could possibly want. They’re always very well priced and provide the type of personal old-fashioned service you don’t get very often these days, which is really nice”.

Whilst Daffy-down-dilly are proud to offer the chance to buy old fashioned sweets from the UK, they also know that their friends across the sea have produced a wide range of popular sweets too. That is why they have produced a full section on their website dedicated to American sweets and candy. This includes popular options such as, Hersheys, Nerds, Warheads and Fluff.

The company now appears to be the masters of confectionary in the UK, giving everyone the chance to buy old fashioned sweets and a variety of sugar-free sweets or popular American brands from their new extensive range at www.daffydowndilly.co.uk.

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