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Sustainable Construction has key part to play in reducing energy demand

Press Release: February 15, 2010

UK homes currently account for 30% (and rising) of the countrys energy consumption. Sustainable Construction techniques, innovation and products have a tremendous part to play in significantly reducing this figure. In particular to:

Develop new materials, products and applications that minimise a buildings heat loss, improve its energy efficiency and drastically reduce its energy consumption throughout its life:
oFor example: the social housing scheme developed, using innovative Lafarge products, in partnership with SEArch architects at Long Sutton in Lincolnshire, where residents consume a fraction of the energy of an average home and while generating a surplus of energy for which they receive payments from the energy company of between £160-180 per year
Demonstrate practical ways to introduce sustainable construction techniques into new and existing homes
oFor example the Greening the Box scheme www.greeningthebox.co.uk in Norfolk, developed in close partnership with Wherry Housing Association, to retro-fit a standard 1950s council house dramatically reducing the buildings energy loss and consumption

Delivering sustainable construction technology in both new and existing properties is at the heart of reducing the energy we consume in the UK. Last weeks double warning from National Grid via their Gas Balancing Alert is a reminder of the huge, and immediate impact domestic consumption has on our energy supply, said Robert Whetstone, Managing Director of Lafarges Aggregates division.

Continuing Mr Whetstone said; Since 1999 we have been developing innovative products and materials at our unique research centre that respond to this challenge. We have also been developing partnerships and links with architects, engineers and Housing Associations to prove how its possible to significantly reduce domestic consumption in the home; new and old. We believe Government, Local Authorities and large-scale social landlords have a real opportunity, working with industry experts, to tackle this issue head-on. To help them do this we will be continuing our long-standing commitment to these issues and using 2010 to share our expertise and experience. This means developing new, and existing partnerships, and bringing forward new, exciting initiatives that drive forward the sustainable construction industry to deliver these goals.


The Lafarge Group is the world leader in building materials, with top-ranking positions in all of its businesses: Cement, Aggregates & Concrete and Gypsum.

Lafarge is the only company in the construction materials sector to be listed in the 2008 '100 Global Most Sustainable Corporations in the World'. Lafarge has been committed to sustainable development for many years, pursuing a strategy that combines industrial know-how with performance, value creation, respect for employees and local cultures, environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources and energy. It offers the construction industry and the public innovative solutions bringing greater safety, comfort and quality to their everyday surroundings.

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