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Surviving the Early Stages of Pregnancy with Mums the Word

Press Release: March 02, 2010

To say that having a child will change your life must be one of the greatest understatements of all time. Even before its been born, the trials and tribulations start in the form of morning sickness for most mums-to-be. Anticipation of the joyful event comes with a few downsides, and this is one of them. 90% of women will suffer from it during pregnancy and the remedies on offer are many and varied.

There is no universal cure, women usually have to try out a few different products and see if they work for them. Family Planning Clinics have a lot of experience with controlling the symptoms, but reliable and professional websites such as Mumstheword also offer useful advice and promote remedies that may at least help.

The symptoms of morning sickness vary enormously from one woman to another. There might be just a bit or nausea, or some occasional nausea with a little vomiting, or constant nausea and regular vomiting. This fun usually stops after the first three months, but some unlucky ladies might have to put up with it for five months or even longer.

With all the hormonal changes and blood sugar fluctuations taking place, its not surprising that there are side effects, and the best that can be done is to minimise them.

Mumstheword offers a number of tried-and-tested remedies that have worked in at least some cases. They range from teabags and sprays to hypnotherapy and sweets. You could try a few and see which ones work. Prices range from less than £3 to just under £12.

The exotically named Earth Mama Morning Wellness Teabags, to take one example, contain ginger root and spearmint to settle the stomach, with chamomile and lemon balm for a soothing effect and some orange peel for flavour. If this cup of tea isnt your cup of tea, try new-age gadgets like the Sea-Band which applies pressure on wrist acupuncture points, or the Natal Hypnotherapy Overcoming Morning Sickness CD, which claims to reach the parts other remedies cant reach by infiltrating the subconscious. At least it may help you to sleep.

Perhaps the Apothecarys Garden Discreet Sweets will be more to the taste of many women trying to hold the fort against nausea, especially outside the home, as they come in a convenient plastic box. And, not least, they are sweets, which may be a comforting thought in itself.

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