Home SuperHause is expanding its service areas. Now the services are available in more than 800 cities in Germany.

SuperHause is expanding its service areas. Now the services are available in more than 800 cities in Germany.

Press Release: December 14, 2020

SuperHause is a cleaning company that has proven itself for many years in the market of cleaning services. Many customers are satisfied with our cleaning services in such large cities as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, etc. And we decided not to stop there, and as the next step in our development, we chose to expand the list of cities whose residents can order cleaning services from SuperHause.

That is why we are pleased to inform you that we are now available in more than 800 cities in Germany. The list of towns includes both large (Cologne, Dusseldorf) and smaller. In order to clarify whether your city is included in our extended list, we advise you to contact our manager, who will give you comprehensive information about the service for your needs.

Cleaning of buildings from SuperHause by new methods

Our company understands that many residents prefer small cities in order to escape from the noise of streets and tall buildings, and instead choose homes where you can spend time with your family and almost live like in nature. That is why we offer our clients a building cleaning service.

Cleaning a cottage is a time-consuming procedure that requires significant time. Sometimes, for women who are raising children or are missing all day in the office, it is challenging to tidy up the house, especially when it comes to cleaning large areas. The ideal solution to this problem would be to contact a cleaning company for building cleaning service. Specialists will quickly deal with the pollution of any complexity and create comfort and coziness in the house.

Our professionals will remove the garbage, clean the front garden and yard, wash the floor and windows, and get rid from dust and dirt. Building cleaning service in Potsdam (Gebäudereinigung in Potsdam) involves more than just cleaning the house or yard. Everything on the territory - swimming pool, sauna, boiler room, bath, etc. - will be carefully cleaned. Prices for cleaning services are quite reasonable, comparable to the cost of cleaning an ordinary apartment.

The standard package for building cleaning service includes many items, including:

  • Garbage collection;
  • Cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture, as well as other furniture, windows, window sills, and appliances.
  • Washing of floors, plinths, entrance groups, stairs, and platforms.
  • Washing glass surfaces and mirrors
  • Cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms
  • Cleaning of the house territory

If desired, the owners of cottages have the opportunity to order cleaning of residential areas, seasonal collection of leaves or snow and garbage.

Types of professional cleaning

  1. General - performed once and includes the full range of building cleaning service.
  2. Cleaning after repair and construction - performed after building renovation.
  3. Daily maintenance or cleaning with a short period - is carried out after signing the agreement, which specifies the types of work and frequency.

By ordering building cleaning services in Wuppertal (Gebäudereinigung in Wuppertal) in our company - get the best prices for cleaning services, spend time in cleanliness and comfort, save time for family and friends.

Why do customers trust us?

  • Health safety. Only certified hypoallergenic chemicals, that are safe for you and your children, are used.
  • SuperHause is an expert in the field of cleaning services. We try to make our service not only perfect, but also accessible to everyone.
  • The cost of provided services is determined individually. It depends on the house area, the degree of contamination of the premises, the need to put the adjacent territory in order, and many other factors.
  • All work is performed by experienced professionals who have undergone prior training. We use professional equipment and safe detergents to improve the quality of cleaning.

Save time and effort, and entrust all the dirty work to the specialists from the cleaning company SuperHause.

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