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Super-charge your fitness with a 12-Week health overhaul

Press Release: February 06, 2019

Kings Cross, London - February 6, 2019 - If you're aim is to get fit and healthy while having the luxury of still enjoying good food, then London-based Xenios Charalambous has a 12-Week programme that will turn your body into a sculptured mass of muscle.

Celebrity personal trainer Xenios offers personal training to stars in the film industry, entrepreneurs and busy professionals in central London. Not only that but he is extending that through his highly trained coaches that are specialized to deliver the same experience as him to hundreds of other people who are willing to transform their bodies within a matter of three months.

While yo-yo dieting is seen as a fad and doesn't offer long-term health benefits, getting fit through exercise has been honed by Xenios.

He is offering entrepreneurs, business execs and super-busy professionals to begin to take their health seriously with a programme that promises not just to transform your body but your mind as well.

As part of his hyper exclusive 12-Week programme, a chef is going to be assigned to you in order to take care of your daily meals with fresh, organic, “meet your goals” delicious meals. Another benefit of the programme is the course provided with it which will help you understand the logic of your workout programme, the fundamentals of nutrition and how to maximize your productivity.

It also includes private sessions per week with Xenios or one of his coaches; as well as a mobile application exclusively only for members, and all required supplements covered. It also includes one session for a sports massage per week to reduce fatigue and relieve muscle swelling.

For more information cross over to this link (https://www.xeniosfitness.com/personal-trainer-london) or view his website at www.xeniosfitness.com

Born in Cyprus in 1993 and relocated to the UK in 2013, Charalambous is a celebrity personal trainer. He appeared in multiple fitness magazines, advertising campaigns and TV shows. Xenios has been watched by more than 11 million people on youtube and is being followed on social media by over 250,000 people.

Xenios Charalambous Fitness or xeniosfitness.com has a primary goal, to change people’s way of living and thinking. Xenios started XC Fitness by offering online personal training to anybody that wants to make a difference in their lives.

The main fitness course, "UpLevel Coaching" is a personalised premium fitness solution for busy people with a main goal to transform your body, mindset and lifestyle with a sustainable proven system. Apart from coaching, practising and studying health, fitness and nutrition for over 10 years now, Xenios has been through 2 years training in the special forces which forced him to learn and understand how the brain works in terms of mental pain. This is something he focuses a lot in his coaching programmes, mindset training.

One client Ennes commented: "I was depressed, unhealthy, not happy with the way I looked until I met Xenios. His 12 Weeks Transformation Programme helped me discover who I am as a person. His programme is not just a body transformation but "mindset" transformation as well."

Another, Alexandros, added: "Today, as I near 29, I am just saying that I have lost over 30kg and I have gained my confidence back. Thank you Xenios for helping to gain my confidence back!"

Currently, Xenios premium personal training sessions are located in central London and soon to be expanded in other cities as well.

For more details about his personal training services, contact Team Xenios Charalambous Fitness on 020 8123 6126 or visit his website: www.xeniosfitness.com

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