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Suntec Solar: Solar Tower Development.

Press Release: January 07, 2010

Land applications for three Solar Tower energy plant developments in the Australian southeast have been filed by Asian based Solar Tower developer, Suntec Solar Inc.

Asian based Suntec Solar Inc, recently commenced operations in North West Victoria to lead Solar Tower development in the Australian market.

The focus for Solar Tower development in Australia is supported by the availability of suitable territory; each land application for 3,500 acres will meet the site development requirements for a single 200MW Solar Tower energy plant.

The land applications with the North West Victoria State Land Department have been lodged for marginal land identified as ideal for Solar Tower development based on due diligence studies that indicate all critical development criteria, including meteorological and solar insulation parameters would be met and exceeded at both sites.

Ownership surveys, completed in July 2009, informed both applications and cultural, archeological and environmental surveys are expected to be completed in March 2010.

Identification of the sites will be disclosed when disclosure will not prejudice Suntec Solar's competitive advantage in the land application process.

Suntec Solar's Chief Executive, Dr Jai said Ive personally walked all three sites in North West Victoria and they tick all the boxes for Solar Tower power station development needs."

"The land is flat, the weather is ideally and consistently hot and both sites are in close proximity to transmission infrastructure.

The quality of the sites, and overall market and policy opportunities currently available to renewable energy developers in Australia confirms Suntec Solar's decision to shift our Solar Tower development priority to that market Dr Jai said in support of the North West Victoria land applications.

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