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Sunshine Launches Udaan Scholarship Scheme to Aid Preschoolers in COVID-19

Press Release: December 22, 2020

In a bold and path-breaking move, Sunshine, India’s Pioneer in Preschools and Corporate Creches since 2005, has come up with a lifeline for Preschool Parents who had to discontinue their children’s education because of the pandemic.

Sunshine preschool scholarship scheme will encourage parents who have discontinued their children's education to enroll them in Sunshine's Distance Learning Program (DLP) which is an immensely successful course for Preschoolers in India.

How Has COVID-19 Affected the Preschoolers?

A recent survey of parents across India indicated that less than 15% children in major metros are continuing their education, a figure that is even lower for other towns. About 80% of a child’s brain develops by the time they are eight years of age- a period that has suffered a serious setback because of COVID-induced shutdowns. 

Udaan Scholarship Scheme

Under this program, Sunshine aims at encouraging parents who have discontinued their children’s education to enroll them in Sunshine’s Distance Learning Program (DLP), an immensely successful course for Preschoolers in India.

The reasonable fee is just 18,000 Rs for a complete LKG or UKG program and 12,000 Rs for PlayGroup and Nursery program.

Who Can Avail the Scheme?

  1. The first 100 parents to enroll will get a 100% scholarship for either of the programs. However, the scheme can be availed only by such parents who have lost their job. Also, the proof of getting laid off has to be submitted to validate the same.
  2. For the next 200 parents who have had salary cuts either in their existing or a new job, a scholarship of 75% will be given to enable them to avoid losing a precious year of learning.
  3.  An additional 200 scholarships or 50% of the fee are also available, provided the parents submit their payslips for the previous 3 months as proof.

The Objective of the Udaan Scholarship Scheme

Announcing the scholarships, Sunshine Founder & Vice Chairman Amit Prasad said, “While school education is being continued by most parents, Preschool education equally crucial is being ignored. As Pioneers since 2005 and industry leaders, we are taking the lead to ensure this trend is stemmed”. 

Sunshine’s DLP program has successfully completed its 1st term. The 2nd term is in operation, with several hundred enrolments taking place across the country. With a 100% retention rate and excellent feedback from existing parents who have seen their children benefit, it is quickly growing into a long term solution for the Preschool Industry in India.


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