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Sunny Sky Solar announced you to launch 6KW or 6.6KW Solar Power System in Brisbane

Press Release: June 03, 2020

2-May-2020, Sunny Sky Solar announce you to launch a 6KW or 6.6 KW Solar power system in Brisbane. This Solar panel comes in different variants which include Off-Grid Solar Power System, Grid Solar Power System, and Hybrid Solar Power System.

After making a good move towards the production of electricity with solar energy for more than 8+ years, now they have decided to attain every energy need whether it’s less or high. A 6.6 KW solar power system can be installed at your house or the office. The main thing that people think while installing a solar panels system at their place is space. A 6KW solar power system can be easily installed in small areas.

A 6.6KW solar power system is best for the houses that have a large family and all are working because it does not require more space to install. It also allows you to operate the appliances and other essential things computer systems, laptops, and TV.

A 6KW solar power system can produce around 26 units a day that is enough to run the activities in a house for a full day. Sunny Sky Solar offers a 6KW or 6.6KW solar power system in two types that include an on-grid solar panel system that runs connecting with your power grid and off-grid that runs connecting with a solar inverter and solar battery.

On this announcement of launching a 6.6KW solar power system, representative of the company Mr. MaddyBris said “today we depend on the energy whether you are at your home or office or anywhere. But the main thing is we are getting that energy from a god source. We have two sources of energy the one is a renewable source of energy and the other is non-renewable. We have to choose the best for us that give benefits. Non-renewable sources like fossil fuel are highly expensive and also cause damage to the environment and make it worse for the next generation. Renewable energy is the best source of energy. To take a step towards making the environment green and safe for us and our kids, by using solar energy you can take the benefits like saving money, reduction in dependency on fossil fuel, making the environment clean, and many more. ”

He also adds “for the big families and the houses that are small in size, we are providing 6 or 6.6KW solar power system for those households as it takes less space to install. The cost of the 6KW solar power system is very less now as compared to before.”

About Sunny Sky Solar

Sunny Sky Solar the company that provides solar energy to the house and businesses founded in 2011. The sunny sky solar, they deals, install and offers maintenance services related to the solar power system. Sunny sky solar is the safest choice when it’s come to choosing the best solar power system in Brisbane for houses and businesses. They only use high-end products that have been tested to Australian standards and are listed on the clean energy council approved product list.

Sunny Sky Solar team offers 24/7 technical support over the phone and in-house consultation service from the best solar panel experts. The products that are used in installing come with a solid manufacturer’s warranty with high-end quality. The process of installing a solar power system is very easy and stress-free with sunny sky solar. Finance solution options for the customers who want residential and commercial solar power system is also available. They provide the fastest solar panel installation service in Brisbane in the supervision and guidance of experts and professionals.

They choose products that are proven reliable and durable that give satisfaction to all the customers. Sunny Sky Solar team installs solar power systems at houses and offices with experienced and professional installers that have years of working experience in the solar industry.

Sunny sky solar is one of the best solar power installers in Brisbane deals with high-quality solar products such as solar panels, solar inverter, and solar battery. They have a wide variety of solar panel systems such as the 5KW solar panel system, 10KW solar panel system, 20KW solar panel system, and many more. They have all the solar panel systems that will fulfill the requirements of any type of energy whether it’s your office or your house.

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