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Sunny Sky Solar announced you to launch 10KW Solar Power System in Brisbane

Press Release: May 11, 2020

After a good initiate of making the environment green and clean with the solar panel system, Sunny sky solar the best solar power system installer announced you to launch a 10KW solar power system in Brisbane.

10KW solar power system is mainly popular and install in large residential homes and small offices. A 10kW solar system will generate approximately 40kWh per day on average. Depending on the different types of the location where the solar panel system installed, it has 4-5 years of average payback period that will help in getting above 20% of impressive annual return on investment.

The installation cost of a 10KW solar power system in Brisbane is around $32000 and after crediting tax its cost falls down to less than $23000 which is also very impressive and a good investment for the household.

Mr. Maddy Bris the owner of Sunny Sky Solar said: “A 10KW solar panel system produces in between the 11000 KWhs per year to 15000 kWh per year depending on the location where it is installed and maintenance by the owner”.

To see or check how much energy a 10 KW solar panel system will produce on your location, you can go and check on the solar calculator available on Google.

Mostly the residential and small businesses have installed the 10KW solar power system from the solar power solutions in Brisbane in 2020. They have used solar panels with the wattage in the range of 275 watts of 60 cells to 350 watts of 72 cells. With the standard 60 cells, 275-watt solar panel a 10KW solar system has 36 solar panels and with 72 cells 350-watt monocrystalline solar panel a system of 10 KW would be 26-29 panels.

How much roof space is needed to install a 10KW solar power system? According to the simple rule, 66 square feet of space is needed to generate 1 KW of solar energy. So this means you need 660 square feet of flat space on the rooftop to install a 10KW solar power system.

A 10 KW solar power system increases your property value. Australian energy department assembles a research team of scientists, universities, and other experts to check how the installation of solar panels makes an impact on the value of the houses. They have found the 22000 house sales having a solar panel system sold for an average of $15000 more than the house without the solar panel system.

The main question that will come in your mind is, can I save money by installing a 10KW solar panel system? The answer is, yes. You can save up to an average of $350 a month on your electricity bills. 10 KW solar power systems have a payback time period of 4-5 years. After this, you will save more than you invested in installing it. If you are investing in installing a 10 KW solar power system in Brisbane, you also get the tax credits on using solar energy by the government.

About Sunny Sky Solar

Sunny sky solar is a solar power system installer in Brisbane, Queensland. Sunny sky Solar offers a good range of solar products like solar panels, solar inverters, and solar batteries. Sunny sky Solar is a solar power solution in Brisbane that offer and install all types of the solar power system at your residential and commercial areas.

They deal in the best solar power systems brands and also provide time to time maintenance and cleaning services so that your solar panels will produce more energy and your electricity bills become less.

The main thing that matters and people wants while adopting a service is, the experienced service provider in that field because they know the best way to get the maximum output. Sunny Sky Solar team works with perfection in this field for the last 12 years.

Sunny sky solar is known for its work techniques in the field of solar power system installing services. They always make sure of the client’s satisfaction while installing the solar power system and after the installation also.

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