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Summit Training Video Learning Channel Launched

Press Release: March 11, 2010

Summit Consulting and Training which operates out of the UK and Bahrain has trained over ten-thousand company leaders, managers and supervisors to maximise their effectiveness. And due to a significant number of requests from clients who want to benefit from ongoing, remote support to reinforce their learning in the workplace, Summit decided to launch a coaching support channel on YouTube.

Speaking of the launch of this new service, Summit founder Scott Watson commented, "This is a client led initiative and I am very happy that my team has embraced this exciting opportunity to support our trusting clients." And with corporate training budgets being slashed or even cut altogether because of the current economic climate, Watson believes that video casting tools, tips and techniques on a weekly basis to subscribers is one method of helping clients achieve an even higher return on their investment in training and development.

"I expect that many other corporate training providers will consider launching such a service, however, to date, the only video support offerings Summit has identified are subscription based and fee charging." But with Summit's offering being a totally free subscription service, does Watson expect to attract business from other companies? He continued, "Serving our existing clients as best we can is our primary focus. If companies who aren't Summit clients wish to benefit from the online learning too, they are very welcome to participate."

Summit's Youtube training channel can be accessed by going to http://www.youtube.com/user/SummitTraining1 .

Please feel free to contact us by sending us an email at info@summittraining.co.uk or giving us a call on 0845 052 3701.

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