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Summit Home Tutors Launch New Home Tutor Franchise

Press Release: August 26, 2015

Summit Home Tutors has launched as a new franchise business within the UK in the education sector.

With 25% of parents making use of a home tutor for their children at some point during their education, home tutoring is a growth business. It is an industry estimated to be worth some £6 billion per annum.

Why is this so? Why are so many parents choosing to spend money to supplement their child’s statutory education provision?

The job market is very competitive. Businesses and organisations have a rich market of job seekers to choose from. Long gone are the days one can simply walk into a profession. The best prepared candidates are best placed to get the better jobs. Parents know this and in wanting
the best for their own children they seek to expand opportunities and that is a major reason we believe there has been an explosion in home tutoring.

In addition to this is the market for adult tuition in English and other basic skills, but also general interests. This provides a whole new area of growth to target.

So demand is there, but at Summit Home Tutors we also recognise the demand for accessible and workable small business opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. Never before have we seen such huge growth in the self employed market in the UK. More and more people are realising the benefits of working for themselves and building their own business.

With a low cost entry the Summit Home Tutors franchise business is a viable proposition.

More information can be found at www.summit-home-tutors.co.uk/franchise.

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