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Summer Collection 2020- Writings On The Wall

Press Release: July 03, 2020


Our new summer motto has emerged to brighten homes with lovely plants adding positivity to the surroundings. Launched with the idea to promote healthier surroundings, our new Wall Planters collection will help to ensure clean indoor air and release stress. Wall planters don’t only add aesthetic value to our homes, but they make us feel good mentally and physically too. 

Pollution levels on our planet earth are on the rise. We live in a busy, densely populated city and encounter pollution every day. It wreaks havoc on our skin, our hair, and most of all, the air our lungs breathe in.

Pollution is not just outside. It’s in the places we call ‘work’ and ‘home’ too.  Indoor air pollution is generally a consequence of toxic emissions from synthetic building materials, airborne toxins, viruses, and pollutants, along with energy-efficient constructions, like making spaces as airtight as possible, which reduces the air circulation.

Wall planters allow you to grow just about anything, just as you would in any other plant pot, but hanging from the wall. From a design perspective, this is pretty exciting and opens up the doors to unlimited possibilities. The versatility of wall planters remains a big part of their lure. Our durable, lightweight, water-resistant wall planters work well inside or outside, as well as for commercial or residential locations. There are so many ways you can mix and match wall planters; it all boils down to the look you are trying to achieve. You could use a variety of different wall planters or mix and match styles, colours, and sizes. You could even plant a mixture of vines and moss directly onto the surface of a wall. 

A living wall makes a great focal point for photographs, which is especially valuable if you are a business. If your business holds events, the walls make for a great selling point. For instance, wedding venues with living walls are pretty popular and could help draw more interest to your space.

Looking to add wall planters or décor to your interiors? Look no further than Writings on the Wall. Writings on the Wall offers an exquisite, extensive, and impressive range of wall decor items which includes wall art, wall accents, wall planters, wall clocks and wall mirrors that will instantly upgrade your walls and surely leave an impression.



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