Press Release: July 19, 2017

Sumissura is excited to announce its release of made-to-measure dresses.
Launching today, Sumissura’s customers can enjoy customizable and tailor made dresses; meaning, each dress is handmade and sewn to fit each customer’s unique body shape and body size. As with all Sumissura products, also dresses can be customized to fit the customer’s personal style. The dresses are highly customizable and Sumissura allows the customer to choose her sleeve details, neckline, fabric and color, among other customization options. With Sumissura’s highly innovative online configurator, the customer can enjoy the customization process wherever she is located and on the device she chooses. A Sumissura customer will customize her wardrobe pieces to her liking, and Sumissura’s highly skilled tailors will make it a reality.

The Configurator:
Sumissura’s Dress Configurator allows the customer to fully create and customize her dress online. It works on any device and is the most advance online configurator for dresses on the market. It allows the customer to take charge; as she is in control over every detail of how her product is designed.

The Collections:
The Collections are made up of the different Sumissura Dress models, all created by a stylist using the Sumissura Dress Configurator. Perfectly highlighting and showing the many different ways the customer can customize the dress to fit her taste. Sumissura’s customers can skip the customization process and directly buy any finished product from the collections, use the collections as inspiration on how to customize, or pick a collection piece and use as a base (and add her own special customization touches to any product in a collection).

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