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Sukhi Wahiwala attends British Ambassador's Christmas party

Press Release: December 20, 2017

The award-winning multimillionaire Sukhi Wahiwala attended the private Christmas party held by the UK ambassador to Slovakia, Andy Garth.

The event, which took place on the 12th December at the British Embassy, saw Sukhi meet with the ambassador and a plethora of other figures. It was an important recognition of Sukhi's contributions in Bratislava, Slovakia, where he runs monthly workshops in educating a new generation of start-ups, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Sukhi's endeavours in Slovakia are recognised by the British Chamber of Commerce who support his work. It follows similarly the workshops that Sukhi runs every month across London and Peterborough.

Sukhi is a multimillionaire business leader, providing a platform of education globally. He enjoyed a fruitful November, having spoken at the UK Business Show where he educated start-ups and young entrepreneurs about what he calls the 'Daily Focus Time Management' strategy, or known more simply as the DFT.

The genesis of this is rooted in an idea used by CEOs around the world and even endorsed by Harvard University, based on the principle of substituting multitasking in favour of selecting core tasks.

The aim of the DFT strategy is to improve management of time and create more efficiency when running a business.

Sukhi spoke about this at a TedX talk platform at Aston University where he described how it revitalised his mind in the aftermath of an injury that had left him clinging onto life. Through DFT he overcame the mental trauma and lethargy that his injury had left him with.

Sukhi is an extremely successful British Sikh entrepreneur, He has written a methodology called the "SynaGus Method" which is centred on growing businesses and emotional intelligence.

Today he is a multimillionaire, an international speaker and a recent Forbes 30 under 30 judge. He has regularly appeared on British TV and radio, as well as international keynote stages.

Sukhi was described by Xeniya Yun, the CEO of Petroleux LTD, as someone who injects "clarity and self-belief" in individuals.

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Notes to Editors
Notes to Editors

Sukhi Wahiwala is an award winning business leader www.sukhiwahiwala.com who is the founder of 'The Business Boardroom Program' www.business-boardroom.com and author of' The SynaGus Method' as well as an investor and mentor.

A successful British born Sikh, Sukhi openly shares his business and spiritual knowledge on stages globally including Ted stages https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3W7GNMXhMDo

He is recognised as a Global Sikh role model http://sikhrolemodel.com/listing/sukhi-wahiwala/ as well as a chairman and co founder of www.sikhentrepreneur.com

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