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Suction power supports bridge reinforcements

Press Release: February 26, 2017

When extensive refurbishment works to improve rail services were underway recently, contractors took the opportunity to strengthen an overhead bridge.

The comprehensive improvement plan identified a railway bridge on the network that required reinforcement. With several utilities buried under the bridge's road surface, including gas, water, electric and telecommunication lines, a safer option for excavation was needed.

Vacuum excavation was chosen as the ideal solution to expose the buried assets, with hire provider Pier (UK) commissioned to complete the works. Contractors specifically chose the equipment as it is less intrusive compared to traditional options, with suction power reducing the risk of damage to the bridge structure and buried services.

Pier (UK)’s Managing Director Sean Quinn said, “Contractors were aware of the potential conflicts that could incur if the bridge structure was damaged during the works, so we were delighted to see them opt for vacuum excavation as a safer alternative. A vacuum excavator is ideal for this kind of application. Not only does it reduce risk of damage, but the equipment also emits less noise into the neighbouring area.”
Operators excavated along the bridge, carefully lifting material around the utilities until all lines were exposed. This safer, no-dig approach ensured work was completed without any delays or damage to the bridge.

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