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Subtask View and Create Task from Resource Availability are Now Available in Orangescrum

Press Release: October 15, 2020

San Jose, CA, 09 Oct - Orangescrum, the massively popular and world-renowned agile and simple project management software has released 2 significant feature updates for both new and existing users.

  • New action packed Subtask Hierarchy View
  • Task Management from the Resource Availability grid view

This cloud-based project management software helps to make resource and task management easy, and allows project managers to spend more time focusing on their work. To make it more efficient, Orangescrum is getting this new and advanced feature update.

“Optimizing team performance, productivity and enabling highly coordinated task management is at the core of Orangescrum project management tool” - Says Jay, SVP of Product Engineering, Orangescrum

Create Tasks for Resource Availability Grid

With the latest feature update, now you can directly create tasks from the Resource Availability grid itself by a few clicks. And there is no need to go to the Task List or Kanban view to Create Tasks.

On the Resource Availability grid, select a date for a resource and choose the option for “Create Task”.

Fill the task form, add the estimated hours, and save.

The selected date the resource is now assigned with the added task.

New Subtask Hierarchy View

With the new feature update, now get a simple hierarchy view of all your tasks, sub-tasks, and sub-sub tasks along with all task management actions under the “sub-task” view page.

Task, Subtask, and Sub Sub-task view in threaded structure

Apart from these 2 major updates, team Orangescrum has also released a more supportive feature under the task view page i.e “Bulk Action”.

In order to access the bulk action, you can select the specific tasks and perform the required actions like:

  • Change status
  • Move tasks to project
  • Copy tasks to project
  • Move tasks to a task group
  • Create project plan
  • Archive multiple tasks
  • Delete multiple tasks

About Orangescrum

Orangescrum is designed to maximize productivity and compliance. It stores the user’s data securely in the cloud and allows them to open it anywhere on any device. To take the advantages of these features, try Orangescrum with a 45 days free trial and let us know how comfortable you are with these new features and also share your feedback to make it more productive.

Add to these, Orangescrum also has an easy and intuitive interface that makes onboarding easier. Orangescrum also offers native mobile apps available in the Playstore and Apple Store.


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