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Style Union has Glam Hair Treats for Mother's Day

Press Release: March 09, 2010

Mother's Day

Everyone loves their mum and as Mothers Day approaches sometimes it can be tricky to find the right present- without breaking the bank and avoiding the clich brunch of daffs! A good hair care product is a great gift for your deserving mum. Style Union.co.uk have some real treats ensuring she has a nice pamper and luxurious look. And to help make your choice heres some brilliant hair care tips for the older lady and for every budget. Whilst we recognise mums come in all shapes and sizes (and ages), weve concentrated on the distinguished mums amongst us, as weve found there isnt a lot of good information out there for these fantastic ladies and we have some great products that will really make them feel glamorous.

Colour Me Beautiful

A gorgeous new colour can really accentuate hidden features and brighten skin tone. Even livening up your entire wardrobe, make-up and mood. Plus a good colour can also hide a multitude of sins, pumping and enriching your hair, and creating new depth and dimension. Older yummy mummies who go for this change should look to their own natural colourings when deciding upon the best and most suitable hair colour, and decide whether warmer or cooler shades flatter them. Warm shades have golden notes and suit skin tones with a peachy pallor and bright, light eyes. Warm shades also have the magic to illuminate the face. Cool shades have berry, plum and darker notes and tend to suit rosy skin tones and eyes with a deeper colouring. Cool shades exude elegance and create dramatic styles. Once decided super mums can chose any colour from either spectrum, there are warm blondes and cool blondes, likewise cool reds and warm reds, cool/warm browns and of course cool/warm greys (embracing the grey is incredibly fashionable nowadays- but your natural colour can always do with a little help!) A great stylist will be able to help you/your mum decide.

Keeping hair colour vivid, bold and luminous means maintenance and special attention. Also as we age the hair shaft becomes less viscous and hair colour can fade fast. Not to worry though we have some great products for mums on Mothers Day to guarantee their locks stay colour fast and spectacular, Colour Extend Rich Defender Protective Treatment by Redken is great for colour protection and as an indulgent treat for the hair, whilst Serie Expert Lumino Contrast Shampoo by LOreal ensures brilliancy and highlights contrasts so hair colour looks brighter and radiant.

Fresh Cut, Silk Finish

A new hair cut can really inject a new dynamic into hair and overall look; blunt cuts are brilliant for older hair as they will bring back a thicker feel. And mums shouldnt be afraid to try a younger cut- let your face be your guide not your birthday! If you have rounder face go for styles that elongate the face, square faces should go for feminine styles that soften their faces- bobs are perfect for this. And fringes are better than Botox! Hiding the wrinkles where no-one has to see and theyre a lot less expensive and less painful. After youve achieved your fresh new look a great finish is a must. Finishing products infuse shine, manageability and thickness. Mums will delight in these solutions as they can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your hair and are so simple to use. Kerastase do some brilliant ranges of finishing products; my mum loves Nutritive Serum Nutri-Sculpt by Kerastase a wonderful all round product that smoothes split ends and is light enough to use on fine hair. Kerastase Reflection Chroma Thermique builds radiance and creates a mirror-like shine, finally Kerastase Resistance Double Force Spray comes as a mist which rests gently over the hair creating glossy hair that sparkles and smells gorgeous.

The Thin of It

It can be a bit difficult to approach the delicate issue of hair thinning with your mother, as this can be an area of real distress, luckily there are some new hugely innovative hair care products in the market place (these are real beauty industry secrets and some of which are yet to launch offline.) The first and form most are Aminexils, advanced double action anti-thinning hair programs. Clinically proven these nifty potent pods maintain thickness and actually add density to thinning hair. LOreal do a fantastic range of Aminexil products. Beyond these beauties, LOreal Serie Expert Age Dens Force Range, including masque, shampoo and conditioner, provides a unique combination of lipid ester technology and Omega 6 that maintain the natural coating of the hairs surface, helping the hair to rediscover its natural suppleness, brilliant in the battle against hair thinning. Simple sprays can also work wonders- Kerastase Specifique Soin Densitive is a texturising spray that helps to stimulate the scalp for fine thinning hair-formulated with Gluco-Lipids and mineral particles- excellent for hair loss. Tactfully approached (and perhaps with her consultation) these can be a perfect present for your mum and provide a fantastic answer to an area of stress.

Intensive Tender Loving Care

Unfortunately over time hair can lose lustre and become dry and more prone to breakage. Fortunately there are some amazing products that really do their job and bring back texture and gloss. A gorgeous treat for mums is Shu Uemuas Prime Plenish Vitalising treatment (a which promises to infuse time-weakened hair with youthful vitality and smells blissful to boot. Amongst other brilliant indulgencies is the hugely popular Serie Expert Force Vector Masque by LOreal, a deep treatment for fine or brittle hair, using break through technology this masque replenishes aging hair and offers a moisture reboot for hair. These beautiful products deliver real results and will help to relax your mum and make her day.

So this Mothers Day make sure all your mums hair care needs are looked after- hair can be well managed and shiny at any age, so go on make her feel great and give her something special. For more information and to find any of the products mentioned go to styleunion.co.uk


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