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Stunning Themes To Make Your Wedding Memorable

Press Release: May 04, 2017

A theme adds a magical element to your big day. If you love experimenting in your life, you should surely go for a themed wedding! But how do you pick a theme for your wedding? Think of unique, exciting, offbeat, over-the-top ideas. There are no limits to creativity when it is the theme of your wedding that you have to decide! Okay, let's help you out with this:


This is the most popular theme when it comes to weddings. It is more of a classic theme and goes by an age old saying - "Old is gold"! A vintage themed wedding consists of sequins, lace and pearl decorations. metallic colors may also be used for your decoration and bridesmaid dresses. Everything from dresses to jewelry to the mood of the occasion reflects class. A vintage wedding is basically a way of celebrating the beauty of the past!


Choose a color that you love. Now, let your color convey your style and excitement on your big day! That's what a color themed wedding is all about. You may opt for a breathtaking white and silver decor or a subtle decoration in pastel shades. You can even choose a bold color like red or purple if you are more of a passionate kind of personality! The basic idea is wrapping your wedding theme around a color. Everything from invitations to bridal attire, d├ęcor and even food and drinks, is supposed to follow the theme of your wedding.


We've all grown up amidst those fairytales. We've grown up dreaming about our prince charming and beautiful princesses! Well. that's how it is! Now when finally your big day is approaching you can actually live that fairytale dream of yours! These are what dreams are made of, just like a fairy tale.


Bohemian themes incorporate an eclectic mix of natural, rustic, and vintage details into the normal wedding design. The decorations at a bohemian wedding consist of flowers and tassels. You can opt for this theme if you want to go for a casual theme rather than a romantic and elegant one.


A retro themed wedding will take you back in time! It will be a wedding filled with 1950s-style decorations. Everything from attire to food to drinks can be weaved around the theme to get that retro feel.


When we talk about a garden themed wedding, woody, green, nature, romance and other such words pop up in our mind. That's what a garden wedding is about. You can incorporate the nature's beauty into your decor on your big day!

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