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Students Raise over $1,500 for Flushing Hospital and Medical Center

Press Release: February 03, 2021

Policy Action Institute partners with a local real estate agent to fundraise through an online campaign.

Finxerunt, a Policy Action Institute has raised over $1,500 for Flushing Hospital and Medical Center in a social media campaign during quarantine. The Coronavirus has plundered the resources for hospitals in NYC, and has especially impacted medical facilities particularly the Flushing Hospital and Medical Center, located in Queens. The Action Institute started an Instagram fundraising initiative, and partnered with a local real estate agent to spread awareness about the Hospitals' need for medical supplies. The local agent, Christos Lolis helped Finxerunt connect with his audience and associates, expanding the possible donations and support for the initiative. 

“Together we fundraised hundreds of dollars for Flushing Hospital in Queens, NY in April 2020. Congratulations on serving both the country and global community. Thank you for all you guys do.” - Christos Lolis

During the Spring months in which the fundraising occured, expansive knowledge about the Coronavirus was unavailable. Especially in Queens, there was a surge in cases and hospitalizations, which resulted in underfunded and understaffed medical facilities. Flushing Hospital and Medical Center, a popular and central facility in Queens was in dire need of assistance. Classifying as “extreme stress” with having over 30% Covid-19 inpatient occupants, the Flushing Hospital was overloaded. This required many PPE masks, gloves, and other equipment that this Hospital and other Queens Hospitals were running out of. Finxerunt was able to lessen this burden by fundraising money that helped buy medical equipment to aid the Flushing Hospital and Medical Center. By providing the fundraised money, donors were 

enthused to know that the contribution was going to various medical supplies whether that be facemasks, sanitizing materials, or ventilators. 

In order to raise money for the Flushing Hospital, both Lolis and Finxerunt created affiliated GoFundMe pages to provide donors with an easy way to donate to. By reaching out to teachers, friends, family, and many more steady donations were made from April to May. 

In conjunction with the GoFundMe pages, the Action Institute promoted a “5 likes = $1” initiative on Instagram. For every five likes on a Finxerunt specific post, the institute donated one dollar to the Flushing Hospital and Medical Center. Finxerunt partnering with Lolis donated a total of was able to give over $1,500 to the struggling Hospital. 

Overall, with the donations made by NYC citizens the Flushing Hospital and Medical Center was able to provide resources and aid to staff to help them care for hospitalized coronavirus patients. Hoping to use this as a starting point, Finxerunt aims to use this as a stepping stone to organize more fundraisers that attract more donations on various topics and issues that affect their communities. 

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