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Student Car Insurance Ways to Make Your Money Stretch Longer

Press Release: January 12, 2010

Thats where student car insurance comes in. Many UK car insurance providers provide ways to make money stretch longer for student drivers, helping to lower their annual car insurance outgoings.

While the latest cars arrive fully-fitted with the latest anti-theft devices, older, second-hand vehicles that student drivers invariably drive are less likely to enjoy such security features. If your vehicle is parked in a secure residents car park or in a secure off-road area, the decreased vandalism risk means you may be able to secure a lower student car insurance rate.

Multi-car insurance discounts can save significant sums of money. If your parents/guardians are prepared to include your vehicle on their own insurance policy it is almost certainly going to save money by paying for just one combined premium.

Many students own vehicles that they are simply unable to use whilst at University for both financial and logistical reasons. If your vehicle is safely stored for a certain period of time it is well worth informing your insurance company of this. With a significantly reduced liability risk, student car insurance premiums are likely to be impressively cheaper during any storage periods.

An error that many student drivers make is to over-estimate their annual mileage figures. Your mileage strongly affects student car insurance rates and therefore it is better to be as precise as possible when inputting information to the insurer.

Continue in this vigilant vein and make your student loan stretch longer with reduced student car insurance deals.

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