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Strong price growth for the Mikron Token

Press Release: November 26, 2018

Last week, the Mikron token launched (on November 15th), and since the launch the price has risen to $2.54 from $2.19. This is even more intriguing becasue it has come against the backdrop of a week of heavy losses for most traditional cryptos , like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash, LiteCoin.

Analysts agree that there are 2 reasons for these gains - firstly the nwes that is has come out about the upcoming launches of the Mikron on 2 of the biggest crypto-exchanges in the world (Kraken and Coinbase), and about the progerss of the Mikron app, which is now in Beta testing at some of Asia and Latin America's biggest banks. The buzz about these has been pushing up the price and has started a visible upward trend, whereby analysts can see the price go up to close to $4.2 before the end of the year. After that, when beta testing phase is finished and the app starts to get rolled out to banks worldwide, analysts views are no longer aligned about price targets for the token, but they all do agree that the app has a great future and the token price will stand to benefit from that hugely, giving big advantages to the early investors. Mr. Weisz, PR officer for Mikron explains: "the first investors into the project were able to come in at a price of $0.20 per token, and since then, the entry price has steadily gone up. Obviously the first investors have benefited from the early risk and now own a very valuable portfolio asset with great long-term perspective. One analyst for Reuters called it a 'Crypto-blue chip', for these exact reasons".
One thing seems certain, and that is that the growth of Mikron seems to know no bounds, and when the app is launched, early investors are likely to be finding themselves with a hugely significant asset.

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