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Streamline Your Training Operations With Delegate Planner From Dante Systems

Press Release: August 13, 2020

Dante Systems Limited (https://www.dante.co.uk/) understands the hassle of managing training operations that many businesses and organisations are facing. That’s why this company is delighted to offer the Delegate Planner, their very own training management software, to scale up operations with as little as effort possible.

Dante Systems’ cloud-based TMS, Delegate Planner is designed to provide one central consolidated location where businesses can securely store and access their data or training content. All kinds of information can be saved on a secured remote server, reducing the risks of data loss.

Delegate Planner allows organisations to create scalable and customised training courses, delivering enriched learning experiences for their potential employees. Templates for invoices, attendance sheets, booking confirmations, emails, and other documentation can also be customised using this software. Regardless of the training requirements, this highly configurable system can easily adapt to it.

Dante Systems is also proud to say that their Delegate Planner has an integrated CRM and sales tracking functionality. This built-in customer relationship management system is beneficial for handling communications and interactions with potential clients. This helps businesses stay connected with their customers while boosting profitability.

In addition, Dante Systems guarantees frequent updates on their training management system, ensuring that users will get the latest features and functionality for their operations. The company also offers fully transparent pricing for licenses without hidden fees. This way, interested parties can expect no extra charges whenever they add a delegate or course on the system.

For years, the team at Dante Systems has dedicated itself in producing a centralised management system to help training providers plan, create, monitor, and handle training programmes in an efficient and compliant way. According to this company, “Dante have been working with training professionals like you for over 30 years to create Delegate Planner, our centralised training management software. Delegate Planner allows businesses scale up their training operations with minimal additional administration resources whilst still remaining compliant with awarding bodies”.

To find out more about the training software of Dante Systems and how to book a free demo, go to their official website at https://www.dante.co.uk/.

About Dante Systems Limited

Dante Systems Limited is dedicated to providing an effective training management solution to help organisations streamline their operations. With the company’s Delegate Planner, training providers can easily organise, manage and schedule various courses for their learners. It is completely secure, highly customisable, and fully functional, helping you take control of your entire training administration without trouble. In case you have further questions regarding how their system works, speak to one of their representatives by calling 0117 405 8158. As for your written enquiries, you can send them via email, enquiries@dante.co.uk or fill out the contact form on their website at https://www.dante.co.uk/contact-us.


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