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Streamline Your Company’s Payroll with NTR’s Max Clock Cards

Press Release: July 19, 2017

Northampton, England – PRFire-19/18/2017
Northampton Time Recorders is offering Max clock cards to businesses in order to streamline their time management and payroll..
Use of Max clock cards will assist a business in managing payroll and staff along with keeping track of employees’ working hours. This way they will be aware of what time they reach office and what time they leave. These cards show the duration of employees’ break time, their holidays and sick leaves.
Modern companies do not have physical clock cards anymore. It’s more often that employee’s swipe a card or login to a system to keep track of their working hours instead of using the old physical card system.
With the help of Northampton time Recorders Max clock cards; it is much easier to calculate the company’s payroll. You can prepare the payroll on a computerized system, because no additional information must be entered. Everything will already be in the system.
Any small or big business with considerable number of employees must use clock cards or clocking system. These clock cards act as a security measure by allowing only authorized personnel walk in and out of the premises. An unknown person without the swipe card is unable to access the premises.
Northampton Time Recorders provides Max clock cards that are ideal for all types of businesses. Max clock cards are durable, compact and low-cost which contains everything that is required to verify your employees quickly. Thus there is no need to remember a PIN number.
Northampton Time Recorders Limited (NTR) is a leading organization that is specialized in making such Hi-tech clocking cards and machines. They have been successfully trading in time clocks for over 30 years. They stock everything from basic clock cards, to clocking machines and the more advanced electronic clock machines and biometric time clock recorder.
To find out more about the clocking systems, visit http://www.clock-cards.co.uk/
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