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Stratbeans Consulting comes up with an innovative solutions for performance support problems called ‘GoPerform’ app

Press Release: February 12, 2017

The performance support application 'GoPerform' is installed on mobile devices carried by the employees. Whenever the employees are looking for any complex information, they can readily find it through the GoPerform app. With the help of the Goperform app, each employee functions effectively armed with the latest information without depending on an SME or a product manager or developer within the organization.
To use the GoPerform app the employees can simply type out their question or speak to the app. The artificial intelligence layer in the background mimics a subject matter expert and quickly deciphers what the employee is trying to ask ignoring any misspelling or faulty language. Then it quickly finds the response from the unstructured data in the background and transmits it to the employee in less than a second.
Sounds interesting? Know more about GoPerform by watching this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJ3gvEtpLJg
Stratbeans Consulting is a leading eLearning company in India which helps organizations to replace their classroom training with custom built highly effective e-learnings. Stratbeans also provides web and mobile-based e-Learning hosting platform (Learning Management System). The LMS allows complete visibility into training activities including trainee performance and comparative scores to solve Learning, Training and Performance Support Problems. Our offerings include Customised E Learning solutions, Learning Management System (LMS) and Marketing Content.
Our premium offerings include:
(1) Learning Management System (LMS) which is called ATUM LMS Gamified LMS used by more than .5 Mn Users
(2) Articulate 360 tools for multimedia content creation - Stratbeans is a premium partner of Articulate whose tools and services for content digitization are used by more than 64000 corporates across the world
(3) Artificial Intelligence Based Assessment Platform - ATP
(4) Digital communications and employee engagement application - ATUM-Mobius
(5) Performance support on-the-move: GoPerform App
(6) Talking Pages: Training with the help of IVR
1. Content digitization which is SCORM compliant
2. eLearning Consulting
3. Storyboarding
4. eLearning Localization
5. Gamified Learning solutions
6. Rapid learning solutions

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