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Stourbridge Web Development Startup Developyn On Track for £500,000 in 2021

Press Release: June 02, 2020

4 years on from its humble bedroom start in Stourbridge, U.K., Developyn has transformed from a small town one-man startup to a fully-fledged UK & Europe IT service company.

With local SME clients such as Pedmore Roofing & BetSquad to international corporate giants such as IKEA (INGKA GROUP) & Unilever, Developyn has proven as a service company able to compete and adapt across all sectors & sizes by creating and delivering bespoke solutions to businesses technology needs.

This relentless focus on customer & product quality has propelled this startup into an international powerhouse in less than half a decade and set the firm to turn over £500,000 in FY 2020-2021.

"I started Developyn with a few years of commercial software development experience so I was put on a contract pretty quickly, at IKEA in Malmö, Sweden. Working internationally is an amazing experience. Upon starting we identified the areas where my technical skills were the least developed and provided me with the resources to quickly become a more rounded and desirable software consultant. The progression I've seen within myself while working here leads me to believe that this may be the best thing I've done for my career so far." Jay Abbott - Full Stack Developer

Developyn now has physically located teams & contractors in the U.K., Denmark, Sweden & The Netherlands, taking on nine more full-time team members in the last 12 months, with plans to expand across the continent as well as international remote work being a possibility across the four corners of the globe.

"Before creating Developyn I was freelancing for around 3-4 years. mainly creating websites for local businesses in Stourbridge, Birmingham and the rest of the UK. After managing to land a fairly big project at the time (mid 2016) with a local builders merchants (DigbyStone) I decided it was time to create a company and Developyn was born!

It's fundamental that we are enabling new opportunities for talented people around us who are interested in really stretching their abilities and becoming really good at what they do.

The environment for sure is another thing we are passionate about. IT is a major contributor to global emissions at around 10% so it's important to us to make efforts in becoming carbon neutral and eventually, carbon positive "  Melvyn Mathews, CEO.

For more information please visit https://developyn.com/ or email us at [email protected]

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