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Stop Smoking Tip to Release Free Stop Smoking Hypnosis Sessions

Press Release: January 27, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO January 5, 2010 Beginning today, the people behind the stop-smoking website Stop Smoking Tip ( http://www.stopsmokingtip.us ) will be offering two free full-length hypnosis sessions to anyone who visits the site.

This comes as part of Stop Smoking Tips campaign to breathe fresh air into the online quit-smoking community. With expert articles, tips, and fresh ideas for how to quit smoking, the site aims to bring something new to an anti-smoking industry that, with nicotine replacement products like patches and gums, habitually fails 90% of its customers. Says Stop Smoking Tip Marketing Director Jeff Kolas, If youre a car company and 90% of your cars dont run, youre not going to be in business very long. Why should stop-smoking products be any different? The makers of the site focus on bringing these high standards to their articles with a healthy skepticism toward conventional quitting methods.

How Stop-Smoking Hypnosis Works

The free stop-smoking hypnosis sessions offered by Stop Smoking Tip were created by Certified Hypnotherapists Jesse Berg and Steven B. Schneider, who put years of combined expertise into creating this program. The site urges users to set aside 35 minutes for the first session, and they also include bonus videos to give users background information on how hypnotherapy can help you stop smoking for good.

The sessions are designed to bring listeners (ideally using headphones) to a heightened state of consciousness where they can start making changes to their habitual patterns of thought and behavior. The only requirements are that 1) the user must want to quit smoking; 2) the user must decide to quit smoking; and 3) the user must learn how to stay comfortable. This latter requirement is important to the hypnosis process, as users who feel too self-conscious or uncomfortable will not experience the full benefits of stop-smoking hypnosis.

Once the first session is complete, users are urged to wait a day or two to before using the second 40-minute hypnosis session included on the same Stop Smoking Tip web page.

Early Results Positive

Early users of the free stop-smoking hypnosis sessions offered via Stop Smoking Tip report positive results, with one user saying, Wow! Im a convert. My opinion about hypnosis completely changed after this session. The site founders report that this is a common response to stop-smoking hypnotherapy. Lots of people are surprised, says Kolas. They approach it thinking hypnosis is just a gag, but they come away from the experience true believers.

The hypnosis sessions offered on Stop Smoking Tip will be available indefinitely.

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