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Stickerize Your eCommerce Store to Grab Gen-Z’s Attention - the New Way to Sell Online

Press Release: June 11, 2020

The team at Creative Sparks Inc. is excited to announce the launch of ModeMagic, a one-of-a-kind eCommerce sticker store that’ll create the right nudges for online shoppers in any Shopify store. The app was launched on 2nd May 2020 and is one of the Staff Picks on Shopify App Store for the entire month of June. 

Stickers are everywhere nowadays, from adorning the laptops of our tech team to the street graffiti in Mission @San Francisco to giphy.com. They can be used for decoration, for a bold statement, or for even sharing information. As D B Burkman said  - “The thing I love most about stickers, is how they show that a simple graphic or design can get into the sub-conscience of society and become part of the visual zeitgeist for the next ten or twenty years.”

Well, stickers are here to stay. Especially in the digital world where the next biggest consumer segment, the GenZ’s, use stickers on everything from their TikTok videos to their selfies.  


        |   So why should online shopping be left behind?


That’s what the team at ModeMagic thought. Most of the team being Gen Z’s themselves, they understood that a versatile medium of expression called stickers can become the most obvious answer to every store owners' oft-repeated question - “How do I engage users landing on my store, & help them convert from shopper to buyer?”

ModeMagic is the one-of-a-kind sticker store for eCommerce. Currently exclusive to Shopify, it helps online stores add the powerful triggers of urgency, impulse, social proof and trust to their product catalog.

Why stickers for eCommerce?

Guiding the customer experience within the confines of a web browser is a challenge. With little control, and ever-increasing catalog sizes (partly due to Shopify and dropshipping) - retailers face problems with making the right products stand out for the right shopper. Smaller brands face the risk of not being able to stand out.

Stickers solve the problem of the poorly converting website, which is often due to an unguided, disengaged shopping experience.

Amazon already guides its users to the right products using product labels such as “BestSellers????” or “Amazon’s Pick”. Why not enable every store owner to do the same?


        |   Modemagic empowers the Small Business community


With ModeMagic, we want to give similar powers to business owners on Shopify. To engage customers better and make their products stand out using product stickers and labels. 

ModeMagic’s differentiated features

The app also has a lot of interesting features, which make it stand apart from other apps that have come before it:

- Label Customizability: Every small business has unique products and color palettes, Modemagic offers full control over label color, fonts etc.

- Application: No software/design knowledge is needed to use ModeMagic. Store owners simply select their right products, relevant stickers or labels and click “Apply”.

- Remove image backgrounds, Clean up: A lot of Shopify stores use dropshipping. Product images often look unprofessional, coming directly from suppliers. They allow users to smartly remove backgrounds and make product listings consistent.

-  Extensive Collection: Beyond “bestseller” and “recommended”, Modemagic offers a large collection of contextual, event-based sticker options. They also add custom stickers on request!


The team’s goal

One of the underlying goals for the ModeMagic team is to empower all store-owners, small or big, to get better sales. Especially in this current climate, for any store coming online for the first time, stickers can help them easily kickstart their way to becoming an eCommerce pro.

“Great app that does exactly what it says on the box.”

Ripper Arvo Team


“We have been looking for this kind of thing for a while and this app works really well”



ModeMagic Product Labels is the easiest way to add stickers & labels to your products - that help you convert. Apply product labels & badges within minutes, showcase your products & boost conversions.

Because showing the right offer with a badge or a product sticker can be the difference between an abandoned cart & a checkout. 

Download the app now on Shopify Website  |  email: support@getmodemagic.com

Notes to editors

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