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Steven Spielberg's Half-Smoked Cigar is for sale on eBay UK

Press Release: March 11, 2019

Another bizarre item up for auction. Someone is selling Steven Spielberg's half-smoked cigar on the online auction site eBay.

Currently at £100, the cigar is from the ashtray during Speilberg's time filming HBO series Band of Brothers in the UK back in 2000.


Taken from the listing on eBay:

This cigar was collected from Mr Spielberg's ashtray in the Band of Brothers offices in Hatfield after he had been on set. Band of Brothers was filmed in 2000 when it was still legal to smoke indoors and while removing the cigar, I decided it would make a completely original, one of a kind keepsake.

The cigar has been mounted in a frame along with the print of Steven Spielberg smoking a cigar with a member of the cast. The auction also includes the Band Of Brothers crew jacket, Swiss Army knife, slang sheet and crew cap.

The items can be authenticated by the original scripts, crew gifts and clothing, call sheets, photos, emails containing original notes on the script, invitations to pre-production, wrap parties and plenty of stories about my time working with one of the most genuine and caring people in the movie industry.

As UK Assistant to Mr Spielberg and Mr Hanks while they were directing their Band Of Brothers episodes, it was my role to organise their scripts revisions, make them cups of tea, get them their lunches and liaise with external parties on their schedules. I also had to ask Mr Hanks to sign several Woody dolls to be given to various celebrity children. Lunches for Mr Hanks were very strict as he was on a calorie controlled diet while filming Castaway and he was often emailing the office from Fiji with his script revisions. For further verification, my name is on the credits, iMDb, all the invitations for the Pre-Production party as I helped to organise it, the unit list plus I have photo's of me with the crew and cast.

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