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Steve Watrel Wins Seat on FJA Board at 2018 Conference

Press Release: August 16, 2018

At the 2018 Florida Justice Association annual convention June 19-23, Jacksonville injury lawyer Steve Watrel was re-elected as a member of the FJA board.

This is an honor for our office, and a responsibility that Mr. Watrel takes seriously as a top professional in the Jacksonville area.

The Florida Justice Association was formed decades ago when lawyers within the state of Florida wanted to work together to protect accident victims. The group, initially called Negligence and Compensation Lawyers of Florida, does important advocacy work for Florida citizens.

"FJA works in the legislative, political and public arenas," reads the group's web site, "to ensure that Floridians know and understand the importance of their rights to justice and to make certain that these rights, which are at the very core of what it means to be American, are safeguarded and protected."

The FJA also maintains resources on the web site, including membership information, and more about the mission of the office, as expressed this way online:

"Every single year, powerful corporate special interests spend millions of dollars lobbying in Tallahassee against you, your clients and the integrity of Florida’s civil justice system … the FJA works tirelessly against these interests, to protect you and your clients’ rights and to ensure Florida’s civil justice system remains (somewhat) fair."

As part of its ongoing effort to build a big tent and foster collaboration between Florida attorneys, the FJA now holds this important convention event each year in order to help attorneys network and learn more about various practice areas within the state.

At this year's event, a vote for seats on the FJA Board of Directors was held from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 21 at the convention in Palm Beach.

Other events included seminars on issues like cross-examination, mediation, attorney's fees and trial strategy. Following the vote on Thursday, there was a dinner and dessert reception celebrating FJA president Dale Swope.

The new Board of Directors met Saturday, June 23 in the morning to talk about a way forward for this critical legal industry group to keep promoting effective legal work and trial practices within the state of Florida.

In the Jacksonville area, the law firm of Steve Watrel provides residents with help in all sorts of practice areas including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bite cases, nursing home neglect and abuse cases, and much more. Along with dedicated care for each individual client, and special attention to each case, the Steve Watrel law office also values keeping in touch with the community and participating in community events around the Jacksonville area. Browse the website to learn more about Steve Wachtel and how this attorney's office works locally on behalf of local clients.

For more information visit http://stevewatrel.com/

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