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Stephen King Fan Grabs Author's Attention By Knocking Him From Horror No.1 Spot

Press Release: August 18, 2015

Getting a super-writer's blurb on the back-jacket of your new book is every writer's dream. Especially if that writer was the reason you started writing in the first place. For Dylan Jones's first novel, Black Book, the writer knew he needed a strong strategy to get himself noticed by his life-long inspiration, Stephen King. "I knew I couldn't just call his agent along with all the other thousands of requests he gets." said Jones.

So he tried the one thing he knew could work. He beat Stephen King at his own game. At the time of writing, Jones's Black Book sits on the very top of Amazon's classic Horror list, while King's The Stand is at No. 2. The young writer hopes that someone somewhere will at least give Mr King a nudge and tell him that just maybe he should take a look at Black Book and hopefully like what he sees just enough so that he may give some kind of comment.

"I'm not sure if Stephen King even cares at which position he's in on the lists, but if he's anything like the rest of us, I'm hoping he checks his rankings daily and that he sees my little book written in my spare time, smiling down at him from the top spot." jests Jones. Like King, Jones's book has a macabre flavor, but also blends sci-fi with classic western storytelling. It tells the story of 'Sheriff' Jack, a time travelling soldier trapped in the wild west, and battling against some very real personal demons.

The story has already gone viral on social media sites such as imgur, with nearly half a million people showing their support. Jones also took to twitter with a tongue in cheek attack aimed directly at the master storyteller, tweeting "Your move @StephenKing :)" and attaching a screen capture of the Amazon top ten. The move has already piqued the interest of Robin Furth, King's research assistant and co-author of King's Dark Tower Concordance, who now follows Jones on Twitter.

Jones's only wish is that if the great horror writer does find out, that he won't take the defeat too personally.

Black Book can be downloaded at Amazon in all countries, as well as most other popular digital book stores. You can also follow Dylan Jones on twitter @WhatisBlackBook.

IMAGE: (Amazon top 10 screenshot: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CMmhAQ4WUAATqpJ.png source: Amazon)

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