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Stem Cell Therapies - Revolutionizing Parkinson Treatment

Press Release: September 21, 2017

“Increasing technological advancements and consumer awareness are propelling biopharmaceutical companies to develop novel treatment options”, says RNCOS.

Stem cells are a renewable source of tissue that has the ability to grow into different type of cells. Embryonic stem cells are best example of stem cells which are found in early stage embryo. According to our latest report “Global Parkinson’s Disease Drugs Market Outlook 2022”, stem cell has the potential to significantly impact the development of disease modifying treatments for Parkinson’s disease. New cell models of Parkinson’s disease are being developed by various pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions. These efforts are being made to overcome the major barriers to Parkinson’s disease drug development.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation has played an important role in supporting work in stem cell research for Parkinson’s disease, including funding the original proof of principle demonstrating that ES cells could provide a robust source of dopamine neurons. The Foundation continues to receive funding to carry out research to develop novel therapies for Parkinson's disease. Furthermore, researchers at the Royal Melbourne Hospital were able to successfully inject stem cells into Parkinson’s disease patient as a part of trial treatment. The ethical dilemma of using stem cells was avoided as the cells were created in the lab.

Similarly, International Stem Cell Corporation is also carrying out a study to evaluate the efficacy of stem cell therapy for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. The Company’s ISC-hpNSC offers to be a disease modifying treatment that could potentially slow down disease progression. The treatment involves transplants of millions of stem cells delivered by intracranial injection in a bid to replace dopamine-producing cells that have died off. One time transplant of ISC-hpNSC could alleviate symptoms of the disease and prevent further deterioration.

Moreover, a British-Israeli scientific collaboration in regenerative medicine has funded over US$ 9.1 Million in 15 bilateral research programs. This research program, known as Britain Israel Research Academic Exchange (BIRAX), includes the project for treatment of Parkinson’s disease by making use of stem cells. BIRAX was launched jointly by the prime ministers of the United Kingdom and Israel with the goal of bringing together world-leading scientists to advance breakthroughs in regenerative medicine.

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