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Steel System Erectors

Press Release: February 19, 2010

A structural steel system erectors process is modelled to demonstrate the usefulness of computer simulation in the role of planning, controlling and analyzing factors, tasks and resources involved in construction operations. The simulation results of the structural steel system erection process permitted to establish which resources were critical to the project duration.

All steel system erectors members required to build the structure are fabricated and erected from shop and erection drawings created by the structural steel detailer. Compared to reinforced concrete construction, the erection process of an all-steel building is significantly faster, thus it can reduce the construction duration, which is an important factor affecting to the overall cost of a project.

Steel System Erectors

Erection of steel columns is the first and most important element of erection process. Column base plates are connected to the base using anchor bolts placed in the concrete as per the erection drawings. The location of the anchor bolts for a single column in the foundation must match precisely the pattern of bolt holes in the base plate.

Plumb and bolt is the method of placing the steel assemblies in right locations, aligning them and briefly bolting them in place. Safety is an activity carried out by a separate team that installs cable handrails and required safety tools before welding team starts it work. A welding team or multiple of them are then responsible for final welding of all the assemblies in accordance with the provided steel system erection drawings.

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