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Staying Strong Through Coronavirus

Press Release: April 23, 2020

New York, USA - The current Coronavirus pandemic has seen an incredible spike in fear, uncertainty, panic and anxiety in individuals and workplaces around the globe.

Professionals all over the world are currently struggling with the hardships provoked by the coronavirus pandemic and, more specifically, how it is contributing to a radical change towards the concept of life and workplace.

We are witnessing a rapid increase in stress and anxiety levels amongst workers and businesses. For many, it creates the need to quickly adapt to a whole new way of delivering steady workflow and productivity whilst being tested to the limit.

Professionals now more than ever find themselves worrying about the future of their job and their wellbeing at the same time they must adapt to the unique stresses of working at home. Though it may sometimes feel like too much to take on, there are effective tools designed to help.

To face the coming challenges in the workplace and the world at large, it is critical that employees respond to the challenges presented with stable, grounded and clear presence of mind.

It is essential for the sustainability and future of the business, and equally for the health and wellbeing of each individual employee, that organizations align the very best mental health expertise and most powerful and positive paradigms, so that staff can proactively dealing with whatever occurs in the coming weeks and months.

Staying Strong through the Coronavirus is a crisis specific, online training course designed specifically in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, and designed to assist employees to manage the fear, uncertainty, and stress created by the current situation, so they can stay resilient, and look after their own mental health and wellbeing, while remaining adaptable and operating in the most effective and productive ways possible throughout the crisis and in its aftermath.

It provides clear guidance, perspective and methods to understand natural human responses whilst creating new mechanisms to better engage with work.

For employers, specifically, it provides a highly valuable resource in creating the necessary engagement and focus that will help collaborators through today's challenges. It does so in providing employees with the necessary resilience and strength to understand how they can better perform their roles from their renewed reality, particularly one that now sees them working from home.

With a well-structured program developed by the Workplace Health Institute, professionals will find themselves better equipped to take on each day with a different approach and set priorities. They will be able to better refocus their energy whilst understanding the source of their anxiety.

The result will be increased productivity and a better state of psychological wellbeing.

For both newcomers and seasoned remote workers, this particular online course gathers all the best training materials in order to ensure results are delivered whilst maintaining a focused and productive attitude towards the near future. Delivered by experienced psychologists, it is a professional tool created to overcome these very specific challenges.

As the coronavirus situation will continue to test everyone's resilience and coping capacity, we offer the necessary base to come through these challenging times, ever more able to cope with a crisis whilst maintaining a high level of performance and positive mental health.

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