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Stay Updated with Latest Ransomware News & Solutions at Ransomwares.Net

Press Release: February 16, 2017

Ransomwares.Net was launched on 1st January to ensure that all the victims of Ransomware are updated with latest news and solutions. This blog is frequently updated with latest Ransomware news and the solutions to get over those attacks.

The aim of starting this blog is to make users aware of ransomware. It’s often observed that users fall in love when a paid service is offered for free online! But little did users know that mostly it’s a scam to hack into your systems and get all personal information of yours. Luring customers to get free access is helping cyber criminals to get into their systems and encrypt their files with Ransomware. And finally, user ends paying a ransom amount to recover those encrypted files.

Paying a ransom amount is not the only way to get your files recovered! There are various solutions available on Ransomwares.Net that might decrypt the malware infected files for free. Users are requested to use Anti-Malware tools to ensure no ransomware creeps in the system. It’s not only the PC or Mac users that are suffering from Ransomware attacks but Android users were also targeted recently via a fake Android App in Google Play Store.

These days, it’s often observed that many schools, government offices, hotels’ systems etc are hacked by cyber criminals with the help of .EXE installers, spam emails or some kind of Login Generators in case of Netflix as observed few days back! Ransomware is encrypted in your PC with the help of AES-256 Encryption and targets files with specific extensions only. Once the files are encrypted, you hardly have an option to decrypt those files back to normal other than paying the attackers a ransom amount in the form of Bitcoins.

When it comes to most dangerous Ransomware, Cerber Ransomware & CryptoLocker are the ones infecting most of the systems around the world. But don’t worry; Ransomwares.Net has all the solutions for these kinds of infected systems. The blog has detailed information about all the ransomware released in the past and solutions to remove them from your systems as well!

Besides the information on ransomware released till date, Ransomwares.Net also covers latest news on malware released right from the word go! So the users who are willing to stay updated with all the ransomware happenings around the world can browse Ransomwares.Net blog on regular basis. It will also soon provide the decryption keys for all the ransomware released around the world! By this, all the systems that are infected with various ransomware can be recovered for free!

According to various reports, 2016 was the most successful year for Cyber criminals because Ransomware was on full swing! And the story isn’t any different in 2017! Till January 31st, almost 27 new Ransomware were detected by the security experts besides the existing ransomware. Thanks to the experts of Avast, Kaspersky, Malwarebytes and many more that always comes with a perfect solution to stop encryption of ransomware.

Taking an inspiration from all the security experts all around the world, Ransomwares.Net will provide the best of information on Ransomware regularly! Be it news, decryption keys, ransomware removal tools etc, this blog will keep users updated on all Ransomware news.

Ransomwares.Net Cheif Editor Says, “Use technology wisely and safely. Get the best security for the smart homes, electronic devices, computers, smartphones etc because cyber criminals just need a loophole to get in to your systems and once they do, all the devices are at risk!”
Read the latest news on Ransomware on Ransomwares.Net and play safe!

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