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Stay Local, Go Far at Holy Cross University Centre

Press Release: April 15, 2019

Holy Cross College has recently undergone a Higher Education Quality Review to assure the quality of its University Centre Higher Education Provision. (This is the equivalent, for university-level work, as an Ofsted Inspection is for A-Level work.) The review team focused on the College’s delivery of a consistently high-quality student academic experience and ensuring that it's academic standards are secure.

The College gained the highest result any university or college can achieve. The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) for Higher Education in its findings fully endorsed the quality of the academic provision and student experience and did not identify any areas for development or specified improvements. They concluded that there can be confidence in academic standards and the quality of the student experience at Holy Cross.

Holy Cross has been serving the local community in its Higher Education provision for almost 20 years. It offers the opportunity to study for degrees in a flexible manner, with evening teaching, enabling students to combine family and work commitments with their studies, to achieve their academic potential and career aspirations. This approach has led to many students being highly successful both academically and socially, who were not able to study in the daytime or on university campuses outside Bury.

The Principal, Mr Daveth Frost, said: ‘Perhaps the secret of our success in gaining such a brilliant result in our Quality Review is the way we always encourage all students with potential to apply, without bias towards their educational, cultural, religious or financial background. We then offer a range of support and advice to help all to engage, develop and progress
quickly, along with pastoral care, study skills, advice and guidance that give a real boost of confidence to those returning to education or coming from non-conventional backgrounds. In the end, it is our fabulous students - who repay us with such hard work and brilliant results — that we celebrate today, along with a wonderful, friendly and expert staff team’.

Holy Cross University Centre has a selection of accessible and affordable degree courses available that can be studied in the evening to suit those in employment and who have family commitments. If you are interested in studying for a degree at Holy Cross University Centre, drop-in for a chat to discuss possible options and our flexible entry requirements.

Stay local, go far!

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