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Press Release: March 25, 2020

We are Indy-House! 

The Indytute (brilliantly inspired experiences) is Live to your Living Room.




We are by nature social animals. To be asked to self isolate goes against our natural instinct. The Indytute mantra is to ‘Give Good Times’ - brilliant experiences in London. We can’t do that outside at the moment but we can do our bit to raise spirits by organising some creativity inside. We are very well placed to do this. We have the best creatives and teachers around and they want, indeed need, to keep on connecting.


First up is a fundraiser! Join our PUB QUIZ hosted by ex. Stranglers frontman, Paul Roberts. 


Come together, connect with each other online, open a few beers and more importantly sharpen those minds and pencils for a pub quiz live to your sofa.  Expect the unexpected and prizes from Fitz Wine and The Indytute


Your £5 ticket is to raise money to go to local food banks, who are already having difficulties helping the most vulnerable.


But - ENOUGH OF THE GLOOM !  Let the fun begin. We are Indy-House!



Pub Quiz - Fundraiser              March 27th 7.45pm £5

Hula and Ab workout  (no hoop required) with Marawa the Amazing in your lunch break  March 31st 1pm £5

Make your own Hand Sanitiser and Soothing Hand Cream with essential oils

April 1st 1pm £5

Origami Live to your Living Room      4th April 11am £5

Hula and Ab workout  (no hoop required) with Marawa the Amazing in your lunch break  April 7th 1pm £5

Houseplant 101 and Propagating      April 8th 8pm £5

Vintage China Upcycling         (family friendly)              April 11th 10.30 £5


⚡️Turn up to class and your £5 ticket money will become an Indytute gift voucher! ⚡️


VISIT: https://www.indytute.com/pages/events

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Jenna Tyrrell

Tel: 07843276552

Email: jennatyrrell.pr@gmail.com

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