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Stay at home Dad launches e-table ordering service

Press Release: August 16, 2020


Brighton-based software guru created e-Table Service, a new table ordering app for the hospitality industry, while homeschooling his son

28th July 2020: “In my little corner of Brighton there are hundreds of independent restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes all trying to adapt to this new Covid-secure way of welcoming customers back,” says Richard Ede, a software tester, trainer & developer. “One way to limit customer contact is to offer contact-free table service, and this is where my product comes in.”

Businesses like bars, restaurants and cafes have all suffered over the past few months and since being allowed to open from July 4th are now having to adapt to this Brave New World with increased hygiene, decreased customer contact and table service. 

“I work as a software tester, trainer and developer, but I've got friends in the pub and restaurant game. Earlier this month, I watched as the hospitality industry struggled to open up and operate safely and I just wanted to help,” explains Ede. “Bars and restaurants needed a seamless ordering and payment system which allows customers to order and pay from their phones. In a fast-paced environment like a bar or restaurant, I knew it needed to be quick and simple to use to make it viable. I came up with the idea of e-Table Service while I was homeschooling my seven-year old son.”

Unlike many new ordering apps which are coming onto the market, e-Table Service does not require the customer to download an app onto their phone. They simply have to scan a QR code which will take them to a dedicated and fully branded ordering page for each pub, cafe or restaurant.

They can then quickly choose their food and/or drinks, order and pay from their own phone. Once paid, the order connects with the bar and the kitchen to send paper orders through. It only takes moments to do, it does not need a login and is completely secure to use. It's also an easy way of collecting customer details for contact tracing purposes.

And rather than charge a percentage of takings like other apps on the market, we will charge a one-off set-up fee for the white-label product, plus a monthly retainer scaleable to the size of business.

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