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Starwatchlive and Its Policy of Working

Press Release: March 13, 2016

Starwatch Live is an emerging online site which provides people the opportunity to chat with their favourite celebrities. You can view photos and video albums on the starwatch website.
Starwatch also gives you a chance to create your own star profile which then in turn allows you to sell your photos or videos. In other words, it enables you to advertise your company through their website. However, you must become a member first. The site contains a step by step procedure for signing up and there are certain terms and conditions which one must adhere to.
The Privacy Policy of the Company
Nicky Taylor of starwatch is committed towards safeguarding the privacy of the personal information which one provides. This Privacy Policy tells you how the information is collected, used, and protected. If any information is at all shared it is done with prior consent and any significant change made to the Privacy Policy is notified in due course of time to avoid confusion.

One must remember that when they visit the website to view star profiles they are accepting the practices that are mentioned in the Privacy Policy. So what kind of information is collected by starwatch? They collect information about the computer such as the IP address etc. Also things which one provide when completing their profiles including names, profile pictures, gender, date of birth, hobbies, address etc. They also collect the Meta data which is associated with the communication.

And the information collected is used for purposes such as to administer their website and business, to customize the website in order to suit the customers thus enabling the use of the services available to them. It allows the customer to send the goods purchased by them through them and also supply of their services.

The company also allows you to send statements and payment reminders to your customers and collect payments from them too. It sends you marketing communications relating to their business. Even there are carefully-selected parties whose business may be of interest to you. You just need to provide them with details of your needs and everything else will be taken care of.

The Terms and Conditions of the Company
The customers must realize that Nicky Taylor Industries grants a limited and nonexclusive license to use their website solely for any non-commercial use or purchase their products. It is not for distribution, reproduction or any other kind of illegal use. When you are signing the terms and conditions document you must agree not to change any ownership notices from materials that you download which can lead to the termination of your contract.

In addition to this you must also not modify or copy materials on this website or even make the attempt to break into the website and in any way use products or services that violate the law. This can have serious consequences and you may land up in jail. If you follow the above things you stay safe and at the same time promote the services and products of your company and are ably supported by Starwatch.

Please visit http://starwatchlive.com/ for more Information.

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