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Starving African Child Assisted by AfrikRising

Press Release: April 08, 2019

AfrikRising is passionate about relieving poverty in Africa. They are focused on the underprivileged and the starving African child. AfrikRising is making a positive impact in the world.

Africa, the 2nd largest Continent on earth has the most beautiful landscapes and occupies 20% of our planet’s land area, has been suffering for centuries for basic resources. The hunger in Africa has been tremendous. Majority of its population comprises of children who are unable to avail their basic needs and cannot even get an education after primary school. All of this is because of the unavailability of resources and they have limited access to the resources of other countries.
In this time of need, Afrikrising is a non-profit organization founded by a humanitarian Christine Reidhead working for the betterment of children of Africa and has completed many projects e.g. it has protected the children of Nigeria from the threat of malaria. Under the supervision of Afrikrising, OYIZA Home of love is an orphanage working since 2007, is located in Nigeria, Africa and has 40 children of ages 2-20 years and is in dire need of resources from all over the world. If you are a well-wisher of the humanity and want to donate money and other resources and want to help the organization in their purpose you can contact them by visiting the site https://afrikrising.org/, because there is nothing better than to make child’s life better. AfrikRising addresses the needs of the starving African child.
Christine Reidhead, Founder & CEO of Afrikrising, is a humanitarian and a professor. She has been serving the underprivileged population of Mexico, Native America, and as we have discussed above, in Africa. Christine’s motto is to make the lives better of the people that cannot get enough livelihood to support their families. One of the examples is the underserved population of Mexico which is extremely poor. She and her family have been helping them by the help of other organizations like http://happyfactory.org/. Another example of her humanitarian work is the Native American people of the Navajo Nation that has been underprivileged since 1868. This nation has very high rates of poverty and they have an alarming situation at education, health, and housing. You can find about on Christine on her website https://christinereidhead.com/.

Christine Reidhead has dedicated her life for the service of the ones in need and she invites other people to join her in her cause and help her make the lives better of the deprived communities. She helps combat hunger in Africa and the starving African child in need.

Christine Reidhead
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