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Startups suffering in the Covid Impact can use HighSoftScape offerings

Press Release: August 04, 2020

Startups are thought to be resilient to changes and they can adapt, grow under different situations. But the current situation has mandated that the changes are on a global scale and these changes affect multitude of people. Covid-19 has impacted things world over and will continue to change things.

Startups which are usually tight on budget and deadlines, now have to deal with the coronavirus problem.

Considering that the startups are suffering the most, the company behind the logistics software products and services, HighSoftScape known as HSS, has come up with a special offering for startups. The offering is called “Gear Up Your Startup” and seeks to help out startups which are willing to take services from the company. 

Gear Up Your Startup aims to help startups by offering technology consulting and also by offering development services for free of cost or in a discounted manner. The programme has been well received by its existing customers and looks to expand globally. The programme has eligibility conditions and startups are encouraged to go through their website to learn more.

About Company

HighSoftScape is both a service provider and product company, which has been doing business for the last 10 years. They are providing software development services in the logistics industry with a few products in the same domain.

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